Toyota Yaris Sedan 2020 Price in Pakistan

Toyota Yaris Sedan 2020 Price in Pakistan

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Toyota Yaris Sedan 2020 Price in Pakistan – If you are on the market for a small, practical and affordable car, we have some good news for you. Toyota will sell the 2020 Yaris hatchback at exactly the same price as the Toyota Yaris Sedan 2020 Price in Pakistan. Automakers do not believe they have to pay “any extra cost” to get the car that best fits their needs. Thanks, Toyota, it’s really very true.

Toyota Yaris Sedan 2020 Price in Pakistan

The company logic is very simple. As CarsDirect discovered through the ordering guide, the 2020 Yaris Hatchback LE starts at $ 18,705 at the destination and returns to $ 19,705 when upgraded to XLE trim. The price of each Yaris sedan model equipped with a 6-speed automatic is exactly the same.

The sedan version of the Mazda variant will be available in entry-level L-trims starting at $ 16,605 with a 6-speed manual, so the base price will be lower. There is no base L model in the Yaris hatchback.

LE trim brings smart, value-oriented features to both hatches and sedans. This includes keyless entry, pre-crash systems, and 16-inch alloy wheels. A touchscreen audio system with automatic compatibility between Apple’s CarPlay and Android also comes as standard.

Finally, CarsDirect points out that if you are looking for a small car with a manual gearbox, you need to be aware that the three-pedal configuration is not available in the 2020 Yaris hatchback. Yaris sedan has manual variants of L and LE models

Rumors about the Indus Motor Company (IMC) about a plan to replace the popular 1.3-liter Toyota Corolla XLi & GLi variant with a Pakistani Vios sedan have been going on for quite some time. Japanese automakers were planning to introduce Vios by mid-2018, but plans have been postponed due to weakening economic conditions in the country.

But now, according to reliable sources within the industry, the IMC will launch the Yaris sedan instead of the Vios. Whether the new Yaris sedan will serve as a replacement for the 1.3-litre Corolla variant or be introduced as a completely new car is not at this stage.

The Toyota Yaris Sedan 2020 Price in Pakistan, first introduced in Thailand (called Yaris Atib), comes with a small engine that complies with the Thai eco-car regulations. Powered by a 1.2-liter dual VVT-i 4-cylinder gasoline engine combined with a Super CVT-i transmission.

In most other markets, the Yaris / Vios has a 1.5-liter engine, but the Yaris sedan will be slotted under Toyota Corolla in Pakistan, so the same 1.2-litre offering 1.3L Corolla sedan in Pakistan Likely to have an engine, or the same 1.3 liter engine.

In addition, the IMC is testing the Daihatsu Bezza Sedan for Pakistan. The small sedan has an engine that combines a 1.0-liter or 1.3-liter engine with a 5-speed manual or 4-speed automatic transmission. The company is reportedly preparing for competition likely to be strengthened by mid-2020 as Proton, Renault, Kia and Hyundai launch vehicles in the small to medium-distance pricing segment I have.
The Yaris Sedan, cheaper than Vios, shares a platform with Vios and is very similar to its siblings in terms of dimensions, suspension, as well as interiors. The naming convention for these cars remains a bit confusing, as Vios is called Yaris Sedan in certain markets and vice versa.