2020 Toyota Supra Specs Release Date USA

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2020 Toyota Supra Specs Release Date USA – After years of waiting, the new Supra is here, Toyota showcased the Supra 2020 at the Detroit Auto Show earlier this month, and it wasn’t very fast. Here, we have gathered everything we know about cars, from interviews with various people behind the Supra MkV and the encouragement of our pre-production prototypes last year.

2020 Toyota Supra Specs Release Date USA

We are also curious to see how MkV rests on its legendary predecessor, MkIV Turbo. Our first review about Supra Turbo from March 1993 helped us see what developments 25 years more.

Or not. When you compare the specifications MkIV Supra Turbo and MkV on paper, they are very similar. The new car is slightly lighter and shorter, but slightly higher and wider. MkV only has 15 more horsepower and 50 lb-ft more torque than MkIV Turbo, although it is shaved almost a second from the 0-60 mph time. The highest speeds on both are electronically limited.

The fact that there is a slight increase on paper does not necessarily mean bad. In his day, MkIV was a supercar rival, with a spec sheet that inspired folklore; Today, MkV is just a medium sized sports car. But driving experience is more important than numbers in the world of sports cars, so here’s some excerpts from each review.

1993 Supra Turbo:

“[How] up the throttle down when you can continue to hold it and take a tour of up to 60 mph in 5.0 seconds? Nice round number, five seconds. And better in our trial summary with just the Dodge Viper, the Ferrari 512TR and the F40, Lamborghini Diablo, Shelby’s 427 Cobra and the W8 TwinTurbo Vector… With a price of around $38,000 for Turbo (and around $32,000 for a naturally-aspirated version), there’s no need for a math expert to know that Supra Turbo is one of the biggest pony car-dom for money.

On paper, the right part and the right size, but what happens on the track? What about 0, 98g around Skidpad, 66.0 mph via slalom and the distance stops from 60 mph on the order of 120 feet. Like the acceleration of Supra Turbo, its handling and deployment are approaching the best we’ve ever seen, regardless of cost. “

Pre-production prototype SUPRA 2020:

“This is a legitimate journey to drive. I had one afternoon to taste the car, including a few rounds at the Jarama race circuit and about an hour summarizing the mountain road winding up in rural Spain. It was just enough to make me want more.

In the Jarama hairpin, the axis distance of the short wheel makes Supra more than happy to spin. You feel something menggeliat-geliat under braking, especially at the end of a straight road where you flirt with 140 mph. Rolling in the unique complex of Michelin Pilot Super Sports (255s in front, 275s in back, on the 19-inch wheel lift) and reducer Optional adaptive, tightly coupled cars feel fun and exciting, never wiggle.

It also feels obviously does not have a turbocharged. Final calibration is still done — despite sharing the engine with Z4, SUPRA will have a unique longer drivetrain programming — but I tell this single turbo engine to generate more than seven PSI boosts. Torque comes early and never really goes down; Unlike some turbo power plants, this machine gives maximum yield up to 6500 rpm, and unless you demand a full boost at a top speed of 50 mph in the upper gear, you will never see a turbo fall asleep at work. “

But quite think of the past. Here’s everything we know about Supra MkV.

The first sale for money crazy

Shortly after Supra’s debut, # 001 went to the auction in Barrett-Jackson where he ordered $2.1 million. The result was donated to charity, but it was still a ton of money to pay for a car that otherwise was under $60,000. Kinda make you forget about $121,000 MkIV Supra Turbo, isn’t it?