2021 Toyota 86 Price and Review

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2021 Toyota 86 Price and Review – In a small segment of specially designed rear-wheel-driven compact sports cars, the 2019 Toyota 86 formerly Scion FR-S offers a unique raw-free, no-frills experience. Its interchangeable competitors can compensate for performance, but they do not approach Toyota in terms of practical and everyday usability. In fact, shoppers who plan to enjoy a regular day of passage with 86 will be pleased to know that it is possible to pair a set of both tyres attached to the trunk with the rear seat folded. What the 86 does not have in the comfort of the creature and the available features make it with a crisp six-speed manual transmission (automatic also available), sharp handling, and a strong brake.

2021 Toyota 86 Price and Review

New models joined the 86 lineup for 2019: Special Edition TRD. It is offered only in black with red and black interiors and is equipped with many standard equipment to make it feasible from additional costs, including the steering wheel of red and black leather with red contrast stitches, the cluster cover gauge Faux-suede, red seatbelt, Start button, automatic climate control double zone, and more. The TRD Special Edition also comes with a discharge system performance, enhanced Brembo brakes, and a sports suspension with performance reducer. Mid-range GT models can now be ordered with black and red leather seats and available new exterior colors: Neptune.

Opting for base 2019 86 versus Special edition models GT and TRD are more expensive do not punish. It comes standard with a lot of goods, performance and vice versa, like Torsen’s rear-delimited differential, a 7.0-inch touchscreen infotainment system, a 17-inch wheel with a summer tire, and a tilt-and-telescoping steering wheel with leather wrap. Six-speed manual transmissions are standard — and that we’ll use — but automatic transmissions are available.

2021 Toyota 86 Engine, Transmission and performance

The 86 is powered by a rear drive layout and a sweet transmission option. The obviously less satisfying is the 2.0-liter engine of four Subaru source sourced from the engine, which is rugged, harsh, and suffers from a strange decline in torque in the middle of the round range. However, we manage zero time up to 60 mph in 6.2 seconds in manual transmission model testing. Although we prefer notchy, manual short-throw shifter transmissions, optional six-speed automatic 86 is a rare self-shifter that doesn’t spoil the fun. Automatic displacement offers a good deal when handling gearchanges and when the driver is ordering up or down through a paddle shift.

The more enjoyable to discuss and experience is the direct steering, quick ratio, and the pleasant small diameter steering wheel. The Input on the wheels changes the car’s direction by speed, and the body remains flat along the bend and fast transitions. The neutral chassis balance initially makes the driver overenthusiastic understeer, which occurs when the front tire slides to the outer edge of the road, before switching to a controlled oversteer — the feeling that the tail slides out from beneath you. For the skilled and adventurous, adding the throttle in this situation can hang the tail on the main road – if you have killed the stability control first.

2021 Toyota 86 Fuel economy and real-world MPG

The lightweight Mazda Miata and Fiat 124 Spider that is mechanically similar to not only scored a higher EPA fuel economy, they also exceeded the test figures on our 200 mile fuel-saving test routes with results of 38-and 39-mpg, respectively. The Toyota 86 nearly matched them with 37-mpg results, despite lower EPA ratings.

2021 Toyota 86 Interior, Infotainment, and cargo

In different to the converted Mazda and Fiat competitors, the 86 is perfect for drivers and passengers in the front seat. The driving position is almost perfect, placing the driver box to the steering wheel with a distance pedal very far from a well supported and supportive seat. The material quality and suitability and the end result in the 86 are good for low volume cars, $27,000, although the Subaru BRZ is mechanically identical with a richer ramp and more features.

Each 86 is shipped with a 7.0-inch touchscreen system equipped with Bluetooth, HD Radio, and a 2.0 USB port. The SiriusXM satellite Radio is not available, nor is Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. We wish there were more key shortcut buttons-difficult to main menus. Users who find themselves in certain menus such as audio or navigation should stab the “back” button on the screen to reach the home menu showing the path to another menu.

We wouldn’t dare to express the 86 cargo and storage space without compromise, but compared to the highly impractical Miata and 124 Spider, the wider Toyota coupe is the real minivan. The foldable back seat and oversized trunk give an impression on IKEAbility. We put three bags of luggage in the trunk 86, while the Mazda and Fiat respectively only hold one.

2021 Toyota 86 Driver Safety and help features

The frontal-crash and rollover ratings of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the test results from the Insurance board for highway safety are good, despite the lack of the driver’s assistance in the Top Safety Pick Award. Nothing on its selection sheet (but available in Miata) is blind-spot monitoring, lane-departure warnings, and adaptive headlights that lead to the bend when the steering wheel is rotated.

2021 Toyota 86 Warranty and maintenance coverage

The Toyota warranty coverage for 86 complies with industry norms and is therefore not exclusive. Miata, for example, has identical coverage, while the 124 Spider has a slightly more generous coverage to relieve buyers who feel uncomfortable considering the reliability of Fiat once unchecked.