New Toyota Corolla 2023 Review

New Toyota Corolla 2023 Review

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New Toyota Corolla 2023 Review – Toyota Corolla is in line for GR treatment, with a full-fledged hot hatch in 2023 to take the fight to the Volkswagen Golf GTI and Hyundai i30N. It’s a name from the UK, at least where AutoExpress reports that the Corolla GR will use the same engine as the soon-to-be-launched Yaris GR – which is also the most powerful three-cylinder engine in the world.

New Toyota Corolla 2023 Review

This engine, a 1.6-liter turbocharged three-cylinder, is a pint-sized power plant that produces a 200kW and 370Nm punch that is completely out of line with its size and number of cylinders. The new international information is neatly related to CarsGuide itself, with Yaris GR chief engineer Naohiko Saito, saying it would be “spending time” to use the engine in only one GR model.

“It’s a waste of time to use a four-wheel drive system and this 1.6-liter engine (for one car). Personally, I’d like to use this powertrain for each of the other (GR) models,” he told CarsGuide when launching the GR Yaris in Portugal.

The Corolla GR would then marry this engine and AWD system (the latter being a customized version of the RAV4 4WD setup) with Toyota’s acclaimed TNGA platform and single-adjustable sports suspension. And it really sounds like a tempting recipe.

It would also be enough to push the Corolla GR to the top of the hot hatch pile by squeezing the Golf GTI (180kW and 370Nm) and Hyundai i30 N (202kW and 353Nm) and even pushing it close to the Golf R area (213kW and 380Nm).

The new model is still mysterious, but if international reports turn out to be accurate, then the Corolla will be a new name in the hot hatch world. Toyota in Australia has yet to approve the model, but has told CarsGuide that if such a vehicle became available, the brand would be the first in line for it.

“We have always said that if the international GR product became available, we would have a hand in it,” a Toyota spokesman told CarsGuide.

“If the GR Corolla became available and it suited our market, it would definitely be something we would like here. But at this stage, we don’t hear anything yet.”

Toyota recommended a spicier version of the Corolla. We have not seen it yet, but an untested report states that the hot hatch will exude the hybrid technology with which the Japanese company is known. While some rumors have claimed that the model, which could wear the GR Corolla’s nameplate, will receive high-performance gasoline electric propulsion, anonymous sources familiar with Toyota’s plans told British magazine Autocar that electrification was not on the table. Instead, the publication estimates that the power will come from a 1.6-liter three-cylinder engine divided by a GR Yaris (pictured) and a turbocharger to about 261 horsepower.

If after the drive line remains in the air. One possibility is that the GR Corolla will receive a permanent all-wheel drive system with rear deflection. The car adds that the menu could also have limited slip differentials. If this is the case, the hot hatch will descend by about 20 horsepower more than the front-wheel drive 2022 Volkswagen Golf GTI, but with a drive configuration matched to the 315-horsepower 2022 Golf R.

Alternatively, Toyota could choose to leave the rear axle in the parts tank and direct the full range to the front wheels. In this scenario, the GR Corolla will neatly fill the gap between the GTI and the Hyundai Veloster N.

Chassis improvements, visual tweaks and a sportier interior will also be part of the transformation. We expect the GR to be based on a four-door hatchback available worldwide, rather than a four-door sedan sold primarily in the Americas.New Toyota Corolla 2023 Review

Enthusiasts will have to be patient, because we may not see the GR Corolla until 2023 at the earliest. When it lands, it will be sold alongside the Supra and the next-generation 86, which will be closely linked to the launch of the second-generation Subaru BRZ at the end of 2020. On the other side of the pond, it will also be positioned as a larger and more expensive alternative to the aforementioned GR Yaris, which is a real homologation special built for the rally.

Toyota has filed a trademark for the GR Corolla nameplate before the hot hatchback is expected to launch in 2023. It is expected that on arrival it will be equipped with the same three-cylinder engine found in the new GR Yaris.

The engine for the GR Corolla is a 1.6-liter G16E-GTS Toyota turbocharged unit. It is one of the world’s most powerful three-cylinder production engines, offering 268bhp in Japanese-supplied versions of the GR Yaris. However, it is still unclear whether GR Corolla will be proud of the same performance.

However, a slightly tuned version of the GR Yaris engine could easily give the GR Corolla about 250bhp – and, like a children’s hot hatchback, it will send a ride through a six-speed manual transmission. The Corolla TNGA foundation, which includes multi-stage suspension, would also give Gazoo engineers a solid foundation for a hot hatchback.

Like the new GR Yaris, we expect the new Toyota GR Corolla to focus on all-round capabilities rather than open performance, becoming a competitor to the ford Focus ST and Hyundai i30 N, rather than the track-hardened Renault M├ęgane R.S. Trophy and Honda Civic Type R. Our exclusive images preview what the new model will look like.New Toyota Corolla 2023 Review

Toyota is well positioned to expand its performance line through the fact that most other manufacturers are streamlining their own. Confidence in hybrid powertrains over the Japanese company has granted immunity from fines for non-compliance with EU targets for average fleet emissions.

In addition, Toyota has other hybrid, plug-in hybrid and all-electric models scheduled to be launched between now and 2025, giving the brand additional leeway – especially given the relatively small volumes that will be associated with GR products. As a result, Toyota will also introduce a jumped-in version of the C-HR crossover over the same three-year period.

Speaking exclusively to Auto Express, Toyota’s European President and CEO Johan van Zyls acknowledged that the GR Yaris has indeed contributed to the strong hybrid mix elsewhere in the range.

“Is GR Yaris really a volume collaborator? No,” he said. “It won’t. But does it help with positioning your car – more fun, more excited? Yes, it helps. And if you add it to the mix and calculate the effect on our CO2 averages in g / km, we can adjust it.”