Is Toyota Redesigning The Tacoma..?

Is Toyota Redesigning The Tacoma..?

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Toyota Tacoma – LMC Automotive expects Toyota to redesign the tacoma in 2022 and perhaps catch up with some of its competitors’ high-tech touches, such as a tablet touchscreen in the dashboard. This can be planned with a plan to consolidate all production in Mexico, starting next year. But even with its old design, Taco continues to ring the bell.

“These are vehicles with a good margin level,” said Jeff Schuster, head of global forecasting for the vehicle at LMC.

A tale about two trucks

Tacoma’s success contrasts sharply with Toyota’s struggle to gain mass appeal for its full-size Tundra, which competes with the Ford F-150, Chevrolet Silado and Fiat Chrysler. Tundra has decent sales in the coastal areas and in the Sun Belt, but has never been a real player in the middle of the country, where domestic brands run the road.

The tundra has failed to make progress because buyers in the Midwest and many wheat belts want the kind of towbar, load and ten-year-old plate that Toyota’s 20-year-old truck can’t offer.

Tacoma, which debuted in 1995, did not have to overcome obstacles such as the 4 years of dominance of the F series. For starters, she is at a time when the average rival, including the first generation Ranger is about 10 years old. And Toyota stayed with it when the bottom of the market in the early 2000s as buyers turned to larger trucks with more features. American automakers have moved away from smaller trucks, preferring to chase the larger profits of larger cephalopods.

“We stayed in the game when everyone jumped,” said Mike Swearer, Toyota’s chief pickup engineer in North America, whose office wall in Ann Arbor, Michigan, shows a huge illustration of a Tacoma race car. “We felt that this market deserved attention and that there was a strong following” for the pickup.

Tacoma’s remaining power has a lot to do with efforts to make it harder than the average truck. Toyota engineers design parts as 12 times more durable, with rivals similar to the specifications used for the company’s global pickup sold in markets outside the United States. This results in trucks being the last and customers returning.

“It’s based on a world standard,” Swers said. “For 99% of customers, they will never reach that limit of the car. But that’s what we’ve built our reputation on.”

Without ordinary vanilla

Reputation for reliability has another advantage: high resale value, which allows retailers to offer low lease prices. When Dennis Whiskey’s 4-year-old taco was completely deboned on a California highway in 2017, his insurance company gave him $ 32,000, only $ 5,000 less than he paid for it.

“So I went to my Toyota dealer and said I wanted a new truck,” said the retired firefighter, who bought an identical white King Cabin with an extended bed. “They hold their value.”

But Tacoma’s appeal goes beyond practicality and cost. Car analysts and critics praise him for an attribute that is rare for Toyota products: its appearance.

“With cars like the Camry, Toyota is known for its very conservative style, very mainstream, essentially vanilla,” Schuster said. “But Tacoma has always had a more aggressive style.”

How to improve your own success when you are the leading product in your class? Let’s tweak this last statement a bit – when you lead your segment for the last decade and a half.


Yes, the Toyota Tacoma has dominated the middle field of the truck almost forever it seems. People just know they can trust someone like that.

The Tacoma 2020 brings with it some practical updates that give owners extra safety, technology and convenience. Consider a power driver seat, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, larger touch screens, new front grilles and new rim designs.

In addition, the new panoramic and multi-terrain monitors in some 2020 Tacoma trucks help drivers see in front, behind and on the sides of their trucks.Is Toyota Redesigning The Tacoma..?

But what about the future? This could potentially be a very fluid timeline, but I’ve heard in Toyota’s circle for the 2024 model year a target date for the next redesign of the Toyota Tacoma.

I asked the members of the Toyota Tacoma Enthusiast forum what they would like to see from the next generation Tacoma. Their comments were quite enlightening.

Fans of such talk

Reginald said, “I want a hybrid with solid torque and a drawbar.”

Kevin glared at his answer. “MORE TORQUE, PLEASE !!! And not at 6 rpm. The factory cabinet. All disc brakes on the wheels. A little more space in the fenders. So many owners want to actually use their truck off-road and it sucks to have to. hack their truck to fit 33 “.”

“Put the storage boxes back in the beds and make them bigger!” Eric commented.

Ian has a nice wish list. To my list – front parking sensors (don’t ask), rear door options, guided rear lights, newer safety sense and technology in general, more luxurious interior colors, larger rear seats will be good, Hybrid option or at least to have more power from the Highlander and fuel holder, like most other Toyotas. “

Patrick tossed his ideas into the ring. “Get your regular taxis back! Not everyone wants or needs a crew cabin or extra taxis. Usually my taxi has everything I need. If Ford returns the trucks to the Courier, Toyota will lose a lot of money!”

“They need to put in a more modern transmission. The engine needs more power at lower RPMs.” Michael said.

Eric Jay is on the favorites list. “Option to purchase an elevator that comes from the factory. An effective 25 MPG option and an option for a small V8. More space in the back seat. It’s really under steam.”

Larry commented. “Different gear options for people who plan to lift their trucks and haul more weight.”

“Standard cab”. Add Jim.

Kirk said. “More rear foot room, modern transmission, better mpg without reducing horsepower, and AWD full-time on Limited upholstery like the 4Runner.”Is Toyota Redesigning The Tacoma..?

Arturo loves the hybrid. “The hybrid will be the way to go, but they need to offer a TRD in the guide for off-road enthusiasts.”

“Turbocharged! Or a 4-cylinder diesel option. Possibility to have a manual with this diesel. No resizing. These should be small trucks. If you want a bigger Toyota get a tundra or another full size truck. I personally I don’t like driving full-size trucks, so that’s one of the reasons I bought mine. ” David said.

Sam gave his opinion. “Turbo diesel or at least turbo gas, better / higher gear ratio, electronic upholstery on higher upholstery levels, rear disc brakes, front locker, swing strip branch (I’m not sure if that’s something anymore).”

It’s time for your thoughts on the Toyota Tacoma

As you can tell, opinions on how to build a better mousetrap (or next-generation Tacoma truck) are both similar and very different. Do your thoughts coincide with our Tacoma fans?

I welcome your comments and suggestions for the next “brand new” Tacoma. Are you interested in such a hybrid or not and why?

Thanks for reading everyone. I’ll see the next story when I show you why it’s wise to install gateways on one.