2025 Toyota 4Runner Hybrid Release Date

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2025 Toyota 4Runner Hybrid – According to reports, the Toyota 4Runner lineup will see its next redesign by 2024. While Toyota hasn’t released official specifications for the 4runner’s redesign, industry news outlet Automotive News claims the next-generation SUV model could get a new hybrid engine.

Unfortunately, Toyota has yet to confirm that the US will get the 4Runner hybrid. That said, the largest pickup Tundra and its SUV counterpart, the Sequoia, now come with Toyota’s i-FORCE MAX hybrid engine.

2025 Toyota 4Runner Hybrid Release Date

While we expect the 4Runner to follow the same path as the 2024 Tacoma, there have been plenty of rumors about what that might bring. For example, a Tacoma rumor suggests that the 3.5L V6 may be abandoned in favor of a 4-cylinder turbo.

The current generation of the 4Runner was introduced in 2010, making it one of Toyota’s oldest vehicles. More recently, the SUV gained a special 40th anniversary edition, and some safety groups such as a standard blind spot monitor.

While Toyota’s lineup includes a number of fuel-guzzling hybrids, the 4Runner is still something of a rarity as a truck-based SUV with real all-terrain capability. If that will be the case with the next redesign, not yet clear.2025 Toyota 4Runner Hybrid Release Date

It’s hard to deny that the 4Runner is one of the most charming Toyota SUVs on the road. It’s capable, it’s bulletproof, and perhaps most importantly, it’s great. The problem is that the fifth generation, which entered production in 2009, has become obsolete. It gets less than 20 mpg on the highway, and the five-speed automatic transmission offers half the number of gears as the new Ford Bronco. It’s about time Toyota gave the 4Runner an update; Hopefully you should get there soon.

That’s all you need to know about the sixth-generation Next Toyota 4Runner.

Toyota has taken almost every vehicle in its lineup and made a hybrid version. Now that the Tundra has made its debut, where are the others?

I have a theory about when Toyota will drop the 4Runner hybrid and how it will affect other vehicles in the product line that don’t currently have that option.

When will Toyota release the hybrid version of the 4Runner?

My theory is that with all the push for greater electrification, a plan for a hybrid 4Runner is in the works. We know the Tundra has a new powertrain that includes a hybrid option, but what about the Runner?

Toyota hasn’t made any official announcements about the 4Runner since its last major update in 2010. So, after 11 years, what’s going on? The 4Runner still uses the old 4.0 liter, instead of the new 3.5 liter found in the Tacoma.

Knowing this information tells me that Toyota is up to something. 11 years without a rolling stock update is a big sign that something has to come, and soon. Toyota has stated that they want all of their products in a hybrid version by 2025, so at least by then, hopefully.2025 Toyota 4Runner Hybrid Release Date

Little or no information has yet been released about the next generation of the 4Runner, but rumors and speculation can be felt swirling around water coolers across the country.

By 2024 we will see a complete redesign of the Toyota 4Runner. In particular, the 2023 4Runner (except for the super-excellent 40th Anniversary Edition, standard blind-spot monitor in all areas and the Solar Octane TRD Pro).

The launch date of the next generation of Toyota 4Runner

We could still see a next-generation Toyota 4Runner in 2025, but my bet is 2024. If this is of interest to you, you may also like: 2023 Calendar 2023 Calendar 2023 Calendar First 2023.

But what would the new 4Runner body design look like? “Automotive Press” on YouTube (here in this excellent thread) may be similar to this representation. This line of thinking makes sense, as it follows strong styling cues from the Tundra and Sequoia.

Now what about the new features, drivetrain, styling and other factors? Time to ask 4Runner fanatics, owners and enthusiasts.2025 Toyota 4Runner Hybrid Release Date

As for me, I agree with many of these Toyota 4Runner fanatics, who only want to see modernization. In all areas. While maintaining the 4Runner heritage, integrity and reliability we’ve all come to know and love over the past 40 years.

It’s not necessary to suggest just a turbocharged engine, because the Tundra and Sequoia are there. You’d be foolish not to think there will be a 4Runner Hybrid option or that a trim level will only be available for the 4Runner Hybrid or two. Probably in the 4Runner TRD Pro.


11 years is a long time for Toyota to delay an update or change to a popular model in its lineup. The 4Runner was also branded before the Tacoma and maybe that’s why Toyota is waiting.

If the hybrid 4Runner comes out and proves successful, will Toyota launch two similar platforms at the same time? I hope to get more information soon, but for now it’s interesting to think about what Toyota is up to. That’s all for this one. Remember today’s adventure is tomorrow’s story.