2024 Toyota Tacoma Concept

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2024 Toyota Tacoma Concept – The new fourth-generation Toyota Tacoma is perhaps the most eagerly awaited new truck to arrive in the next few years. Many love Tacoma – sales have always been strong, and the midsize truck is more popular now than ever. The quality of the material is so frightening, and the resale values have remained absurd.

But almost everyone who loves Tacoma wants something more than that, whether it’s a better performance to challenge rivals like the Colorado ZR2 and Jeep Gladiator Rubicon, a more spacious and family-friendly cabin or better fuel economy. Toyota is, therefore, under terrible pressure to make sure the next Tacomo gene has more than what customers want – without compromising on the things that made the Taco so great today. Here’s what we know at the moment about what the fourth-generation Tacoma will look like.

2024 Toyota Tacoma Concept

Inspired by the completely redesigned Toyota Tundra, the 2024 Toyota Tacoma should have similar styling marks and equally modern mechanical components. Unlike the full-size tundra, the mid-size tacoma outperforms its domestic alternatives, which include the Chevy Colorado and Ford Ranger. However, Toyota’s most popular truck will require significant improvements to remain dominant, and the next generation aims to achieve that.

The new Tacoma will have a new platform that will include a more sophisticated wrap-spring. Also, we expect it to get a powertrain upgrade, which could mean a turbocharged four-cylinder with an available hybrid version like the Tundra. The 2024 Tacoma should also benefit from a snazzier interior and a more modern infotainment system, but official details remain to be seen.2024 Toyota Tacoma Concept

We think the Tacoma will enter the new generation for 2024. We currently know only a few things for sure, such as the fact that it will ride on Toyota’s new TNGA-F architecture, which is a body-on-frame platform that also matches the new Tundra and upcoming Sequoia and 4Runner. We also have an artist illustration that suggests what the new Tacoma TRD Pro might look like. If the Tundra’s new design is any indication, its little brother will have a similarly familiar grille, lighting elements, and distinctive fender protrusions. We expect to learn more about the new Taco next year and we believe it could debut as a 2024 model.

There has been some exciting news about a possible redesign of the Toyota Tacoma from 2024. According to a report from Fast Lane Truck, recent photos of the spy show what could very well be a model of the popular truck camouflaged and test-driving around.

While the truck is pretty well guarded with camouflage taped over it, there are a few details we can gather from what we know about Toyota and its other models. For example, this medium-sized truck in the photos looks like it can share some of the same undercarriages as the new, full Tundra. Not much is visible in the pictures, but through the doping slots, you can see the horizontal grilles over the grille, very reminiscent of the prominent design of the Tundra SR5. With the knowledge that this vehicle could be modeled after the Tundra, we can perhaps expect some newly planted headlights and taillights.

Another feature that is very intentionally hidden is the rear suspension. It is rumored that the 2024 tacoma can use wrapping springs in favor of the springs for the rear leaf springs it currently has. This would be noticeable as it would help in the daily driving of the car and it would separate the new Takoma apart from the competitors who still use the leaf-spring arrangement. While we expected the new Tacoma to arrive as early as this year, that car maker confirmed that the 2023 Tacoma will actually be a carryover.2024 Toyota Tacoma Concept

Looking out is not the only thing that can be replaced with redesign. Rumors of changes are spreading under the hood. In its third generation for the current Tacoma uses a 3.5-liter V6 engine, but there are some doubts that it will be around in the next design. Instead, we might see a turbocharged four-cylinder engine or a 2.4-liter engine. That could increase torque from the current 265 pound feet to 317 pounds feet, although it could lower horsepower by a few mpgs. We don’t know if a six-speed manual transmission would still be available as an option, but chances are that the standard might be an eight-speed automatic.

As we do not have confirmation of any specification for this model, we will have to wait, just as we will have to wait and see if Toyota decides to expand further by announcing the Tacoma hybrid at some point in the future.

2024 Toyota Tacoma Engine, Transmission and Performance

Tacoma deserves a new powertrain. Although it is currently the only mid-size truck available with a manual measure – we’d like it to stay that way – its six-speed automatic transmission is clumsy and outdated compared to those in competitors such as the GMC Canyon and Nissan Frontier. The outgoing Tacoma offers an anemic four-cylinder base engine and an optional V-6 that is less powerful than any other V-6-powered rival, including the often-dried Honda Ridgeline.2024 Toyota Tacoma Concept

We expect Toyota to pack a new Tacoma with a turbocharged four-cylinder – potentially 2.4-liter from the Lexus NX350 that makes 275 HORSE power and 317 pounds of braking torque and that engine is paired with an eight speed automatic. As with the new Tundra, the Tacoma could be offered with a hybrid version of its V-6 powertrain. The medium-sized truck will continue to take advantage of the body-on-frame construction, but we expect it to lose its leaf spring suspension for a more modern coil-spring layout that should improve both its ride and handling.

2024 Toyota Tacoma Interior, Comfort and Cargo

We have no idea what the interior of the new Takome will look like. However, its exterior is expected to draw inspiration from the larger Tundra, so should its interior. This suggests chunky (read: tough) styling elements, nicer materials throughout, and modern features. We expect that the truck will continue to be offered with an extended taxi and crew cabin as well as a short and long bed option. We only hope that the rear seat in the new truck is more tubular than the currently cramped crew taxi accommodation.2024 Toyota Tacoma Concept

2024 Toyota Tacoma Infotainment and connectivity

On the infotainment front, we expect the 2024 Tacoma. This probably means that the current 8.0-inch touch glow will be replaced by something larger, maybe even a 14.0-inch touch glow within the new Tundra. Along with some new features, we expect the new Tacomin infotainment center to continue to include Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and Wi-Fi hotspot.

2024 Toyota Tacoma Release Date and Price

Since we are not sure that the vehicle in the spy video is in fact the new Toyota Tacoma from 2024. If, however, based on the typical layout of this model, it is possible that the release could happen sometime in late 2023.

The price for the current Toyota Tacoma lands around $ 27,715 to $ 48,245, and while we don’t have the exact price range for the 2024 model, with redesign and updates it could be a bit pricier.