2024 Toyota Hilux Review UK

2024 Toyota Hilux Review UK

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2024 Toyota Hilux Review UK – The Toyota Helix has been selling for more than half a century, and its reputation for reliability everywhere has won the hearts and minds of friends and supporters around the world. Since 1968, more than 18 million illustrations have been produced, but new translations of the Bible have been revised to make it more appealing than ever.

2024 Toyota Hilux Review UK

There is a five-year warranty and roadside assistance package and a Toyota Professional Scale will drive 50% of your application if it takes more than seven days to fix an error. The mechanics may be busy looking at the ‘wrong Toyota’ dictionary.

Our test truck averaged 29 pounds, in line with the demanding economy, but in its short life it covered only 750 miles, so it could improve further by driving a few miles below the wheels.

It’s a hot-running competition, with the front-runner Ford Ranger, plus the Nissan Navara, Mitsubishi L200 and Isuzu de-Max all running for your money. That’s why Toyota Hilux offers for sale in a variety of dual cab trim levels, from the entry level Hilux Active – with air conditioning and Bluetooth – to Sat-nav, hot seats and luxury and safety apps, such as line travel alerts and pedestrian detectors. The two-door single cab and extra cab (extended) versions are pure work horses that don’t appeal to lifestyle buyers, so they are only offered in a basic active tram, while Toyota offers tipper and droplet variants in the same active space.

Although the Toyota Hilux truck market is at an all-time high, there is no doubt that it has its roots. Despite its better appearance, the ride is better and better equipped, it is still as strong as the old shoes, and has a wider load bay and more capacity than ever before. In any case, the recently launched Hlux is not a complete new design, but the latest evolution has improved dramatically and is still riding on a leaf-covered back ax. Recent developments, however, have seen Toyota adjust its suspension to make it easier to travel without congestion, and the improvements have largely been successful.

Toyota launches two engine options for 2024 Toyota Hilux range. The current 148bhp 2.4-liter four-cylinder diesel continues, but combined with a larger 2.8-liter four-cylinder with 201bhp, it is available in invincible or non-invasive X trims (standard with the latter). Both engines come with a six-speed manual or a six-speed automatic gearbox icon, an unbeatable X-ray tray. All trucks have a choice of four-wheeled wheels and it has 2WD, 4WD and low-distance wheels as well as a rear lock.

The arrival of the 201bhp diesel means that Hlux currently has the fire extinguishing power to take the best trucks in the room. It is second only to Ranger for power (the V6-engined Volkswagen Amarock and Mercedes X-Class both disappeared in 2024) and Hlux is now a better choice than competitors like the Mitsubishi L200 and Nissan Navara.

2024 Toyota Hilux Placement and implementation

The main feature of the Hlux is how much it can carry and tow as a truck and a commercial vehicle. Toyota is well aware of this, which is why the current model is still the largest cargo bay and high passenger capacity.

The length of the Helix cargo bay varies from 1,525mm to 2,315mm in one taxi in two models. This is similar to rivals, but Hlux has made great strides. The loading area on all models is 130mm wider than ever, making it larger than both the Navara and the L200. If you are often carrying heavy loads, it may be a better choice for you.

A taxi takes on the shape of a two-seater, and the person outside the taxi uses two small suicide doors at the back to show two cinema-style seats. However, they are not very comfortable to sit on, and are only designed for occasional use.

If you plan to carry passengers regularly, you will need two types of taxis: This is the only invincible X-ray style. In the back there is a reasonable head and bedroom for two large adults (and three push-ups), and it is approximately with competitors in the area. It is easy to see why most US buyers choose two taxis.

Whichever type you choose, the Helix has a load of at least 1,000 kg and active single and double taxis up to 1,030 kg. Each Helix can carry up to 3,500 pounds [3,500 kg] of brakes (or 750 pounds [750 kg]).

2024 Toyota Hilux Reliability and safety

Restoration is not everything, but Toyota is known to produce very strong products, and in particular the Helix has always been a very strong and reliable car.

Although the diesel engines in the Hullus have only been around since 2015, the rugged box frame chassis and selected 4×4 system below are guaranteed. The engines use some advanced new technologies to increase efficiency and effectiveness, but we would be surprised if they do not have reliable long-term results like the old technology diesel units.

However, improvements to Hlux conditions are safe. The model currently offers curtain air bags and seven airbags for the driver; With the exception of the most basic single taxis, all translations are placed in front of the front and rear seat belts. You will also find two taxi models Isofix child seats and front fog lights as standard.

But these are not the only things you can see; Because under the skin, each Helix is ​​equipped with a number of safety devices. Each model includes ABS, emergency brake detection, vehicle stability control, Hill Start Assist and Trailer Sway Control, and two taxis with Downhill assistance control. The Toyota Safety Sensor packet also includes pedestrian crossing, pedestrian assistance and (on some models) cross-country recognition. It is, of course, a technological level that reflects the older models of Helix, and a number of competing carriers.

In terms of safety, Euro NCP only gave Helix a three-star rating for safety in 2016, but Safety In is a full five-star product. The Toyota ladder frame chassis is said to be 20% stronger than before, so it has to withstand larger collisions than the old car. Safety-wise, all models get a warning and immobiliser.

Helix, like most carriers, feels huge when you try to stop. Fortunately, all models except the Active get a reciprocating camera as standard, although Nissan goes one better with a 360-degree round view monitor in Navara.

2024 Toyota Hilux Driving and performance

The Helix transfer experience has been constantly updated, and is the best in the recent 2024 model. Toyota These trucks usually drive on the sidewalk. As a result, Helix is more comfortable than ever. It doesn’t look like SV for comfort, and the Ford Ranger is still a little comfortable, but it’s actually better than most competitors in this regard.

The 2.4-liter four-cylinder diesel is on its own, but the 2.8-liter diesel is used to power the power supply. The 2.4 Adequate, but not exceptional performance The manual model shows this in 13.2 seconds from 0-62 mph. This slows down to 12.8 seconds on a six-speed car, although using the entire reverse range of the engine is very disturbing.

Move to 2.8 liters of diesel, and things will improve dramatically. The manual model has a speed of 10.1 seconds from 0-62 mph, and automatically manages the ride in 10.7 seconds. The response unit and the car model have a 500Nm torque for excellent traction power. The guide has 420Nm torque, but this is only 20Nm above 148bhp diesel.

Helix has made steady improvements over the years. Old-fashioned translations of the Bible have replaced the sense of rebellion and the speed with which they have been replaced by proper guidance, reasonable body control, and smooth paths. If you push too hard, a lot of tire lift and body support, but that’s not why transports are designed.

However, all of this will be eliminated if the truck is properly weighed. It is safe to say that the Helix is ​​now superior to competitors such as the Nissan Navara and Mitsubishi L200.

The movement in the hills around the city is not so bad, thanks to the simple controls of the truck and the proper turning circle. The noise of the road and the wind blows quickly and the Hullus makes an amazingly good (if not economical) road trip.

2024 Toyota Hilux Taxi and interior

Driving experience is getting closer to a SVV, and the interior is a way to match the 4×4 family. Along with Isuzu Di-Max and Nissan Navara and Ford Ranger, it is a much less difficult and ready-to-use space for design, design and material finishing, although the now-defunct Mercedes X-Class has led the way to market quality.

Toyota recognizes that the cottage must be strong and able to withstand day-to-day use. While the carpets and seats of Helix City seemed to be responsible for accommodating the builders or farmers, the hut also did more complex work.

The overall design of the car is very similar to the Toyota passenger car. This means that 2024 Toyota Hilux is ​​one of the best carriers to sit on. There is a central Dutch screen on the attached models. The devices also feature a state-of-the-art travel screen in the center. The quality is also very good There are no soft-touch plastics so it doesn’t feel like a plush like Toyota passenger cars, but it’s not far off. All models accept Aux in and USB ports, along with a Bluetooth connector, Econ and indomitable versions include DAB radio, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are now available.

There is better storage than some items in 2024 Toyota Hilux. There are two hand boxes – one on the top of the dash and one directly on the bottom – and both are decent size. There is also a central container under the handle and two cup holders in the middle of the shelf: Although the warehouses are not huge.

The space in front is good – like some trucks, good legs and cables, although the higher floor means that taller drivers will lift their knees, which is a common problem with commuters. Behind two taxis, you will have enough space for two adults to sit comfortably and three for a short walk. Although it is no better than the modern Supermini in this regard, the head and feet part agree with its rivals.

The best-selling truck in the world … if you leave America. Burger King makes the most popular beef sandwich on earth … If you forget McDonald’s. But with the exception of the United States’ unwavering desire for open bed freedom on wheels, the Toyota Hills is a sales event. Since 1968, Toyota’s 18 million humble horses have been converted from peasants to freedom fighters. It is not uncommon for this well-developed helix to be damaged by such a popular recipe in 2024.

It is wrong. Toyota is looking at paper, and more recently she has had a tragic reading for Helix. Sales of trucks in Europe have doubled since 2012; The 4×4 and SUV-ish were also flooded. However, despite the rapid growth in truck sales, Toyota’s shareholder Ford Ranger Wildtrack and VW Amaroc are as bad as the Shepherd Bush sheep.

Toyota responded to the demand for high-speed, high-powered trucks, and high-powered Nada trucks. Now there is a 2.8 liter engine option at the toppier trim level instead of 2.4 liters. The upper bouts featured two cutaways, for easier access to the higher frets. There are even JBL hi-fi and LED lights.

There are also mechanics. Toyota used to load tons of loads on the Hlux bed and adjust the suspension. This means that the truck will not be disturbed while it is being loaded. Since most lifestyle truck drivers do not put a bottle screen and two coaches in a cargo bay, the new Helix is ​​designed to travel better without leaving a sandbag on the bed.

Great news … and very disturbing. Not only is Hlux Stonehenge expected to be simple and long-lasting, but it is also not necessarily a winner. Sales of the Mercedes X-Class were reduced in sales in the United States due to their inability to convince Nissan Navara trucks. They instantly spin a simulator.

Has Hlux strengthened its position in modern motor imaging? We tested the two high-spec models to find out if the Helix is ​​unbeatable and unbeatable X, best-selling qualifier.

What is it, my dear?

“You still survive the nuclear war, but you don’t feel like you’re hiding in the shelter.”
The 2024 Toyota Hilux is a predicted machine, and the truck’s attempt to bring buyers to court did little to alleviate some of the roadblocks. A very nice upgrade is the new 2.8-liter engine, especially for fully loaded cars to simplify longer performance.

The hut continues to be awful in the surroundings and is a tough beast to lead around, but the constant reminder is that if this isn’t a car to park, it’s a tool, a loyal work horse, and a trusted business partner.

Driving – What does driving look like?

However, Helix drives like an pick-up truck. Just like the construction of trucks of this shape and size, Toyota talks about good SUV-ifying, but leaf springs, fat tires, long drive height and weight distribution all share some of the most common features. You do not mislead the road as a asphalt rover.

Even though you think it is safer to walk in the back than in the old carriages, and you see a body roll for such a long beast, you still tremble on your Branelian ladder frame and its 19th century suspension. Gradually, the longing is slow and distant, and it does not feel anything; The brakes are held in place. Roundabout is less fun.

Toyota has stubbornly clung to Karthores springs – with new shrubs – to live faithfully with the roots of Helix. While Toyota believes they provide comfort and refinement, it strongly argues that when pardoned for years, they will be pardoned, which would weaken wire sources. If this truck is your business horse, the road break is equal to the money in your pocket, and because of this you will get a little harder road work.

Overall, the six-speed automatic gearbox estimates the exact size at the right time and in conjunction with the 201bhp, 369lb ft four-cylinder turbodiesel engine makes the Helix a respectable development.

Officially, it is good for 0-62mph in 10.7 seconds, with an entry-level 2.4 but 148bhp, 295lb ft and 2.7sec tardier nought-to sixty rides, while on the other hand it is no more economical. 2.8 Significance It does not need to be congested to handle traffic congestion; But if you are happy with your hand life, you will find that it can be reduced to 310 liters per gallon.

Hlux’s more important stats are available. It pulls 3,500kg, the load weighs just over a ton, and the load bay itself measures 1525mm by 1645mm.

Going off the road? Then there is the automatic limited slip variation of the two-wheel drive system, which means that you can enter the jungle surprisingly well before playing full-time four-wheel drive. The corridor provides a short-distance method for heavy off-road work, and in most areas there is a helper that descends on a foolish defensive hill. Ground clearance is 310mm high and will be Ford streams up to 700mm deep. At this point the engine wind is slowed down; As a result, the car is now moving more easily.

Interior – What does it look like?

We tested the Double Cab Hilux, but on the low-spec models there is also the Extra Cab option with two-door single cabin or small rear suction doors. Two taxis provide seats for four permanent adults, but five thanks to the narrow middle seat and of course, you all have to sit upright. The doors are very light and require a little slip to close for the first time.

At the forefront, Toyota includes the game ‘Counting the Materials’ in Invincible X Editions. Hint: They are all plastic. There is the appearance of plastic piano wood, playing plastic on being metal, pretending to be plastic and even being plastic is not a very good job.

It’s Mishmash, and VW Amarock is more consistent, but Hlux feels strong and sturdy in the right areas. The steering wheels are very blurred, even when you return home.

The 8.0-inch Dutch screen, which is equipped with all versions except the Introductory Active, is a Toyota Popular Tuch 2 system with solid shortcuts around the screen. Thanks to the flexibility of Apple and Android, you can get rid of the clutter that seems to be intertwined with the local USB.

The nine-speaker JB Lee Hy-Fi, which is reflected in the inertial X translations mentioned above, is very powerful, but the warmth below the floor seems to be as far away as Portakabin. Elsewhere, it does not make sense. The heating is powerful, the seat is comfortable. Clear online apps, steering wheel keys, hefty handles and much more. What is missing? Make adjustments to the steering column, primarily, and easily accessible hot seat keys.

On the back, there is a three-year warranty on the plastic storage data, and if you go for the on-spec Invincible X trim, there is a Burley Telget handle that fits the thick body cap and front bumper.

Buying – What do I have to pay?

Prices for a basic Hilux – a single Cab Active 2.4 – start at £ 25,849, and on the Icon, the unbeatable and unbeatable X score (including on all three components) rises to £ 39,429, the unbeatable X 2.8 double cab. Of course, if these numbers are buying a Helix as a commercial vehicle, the CV on the road will cost from £ 23,715 to £ 33,782.

The surplus is strong, as a Helix is ​​known to be stronger than any artificial one except the Nokia 3310 (ask your parents). This means that the cost of money is very competitive – the final invincible X can be yours £ 250 per month, which is a lot of iron for your money.

There is a five-year warranty and roadside assistance package and a Toyota Professional Scale will drive 50% of your application if it takes more than seven days to fix an error. The mechanics may be busy looking at the ‘wrong Toyota’ dictionary.

Our test truck averaged 29 pounds, in line with the demanding economy, but in its short life it covered only 750 miles, so it could improve further by driving a few miles below the wheels.