2024 Toyota Hilux Redesign Canada

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2024 Toyota Hilux Redesign – The Helix entered the scene in 1986 with a combination of Renault 4CV, Hino Brisca and Toyota parts. The Japanese carmaker has been improving the small pickup every few years since 2004 until the seventh generation.

2024 Toyota Hilux Redesign Canada

That’s when the Helix became a mid-size workhorse, and believe it or not, Toyota waited until 2015 for a ground-up redesign. According to a recent report by Facelifted in 2020, the 8th General is expected to be a soldier by 2024.

Concept Artist has provided similar interiors like touchscreen, instrument cluster, shift knob, center console and dashboard like LC300. However, the Helix V6-powered sport utility vehicle is likely to share more internal bits and pieces with the Zen-Three Tundra instead.

Speaking of which, the Helix and Tacoma are getting four-cylinder engines for minimal specification and V6 options for capacity. The range topping PowerPlant 2024 could be similar to the Toyota Tundra iForce Max, a hybrid-assisted V6 with a few boosting snails for superior low-down torque and work-related power. And naturally, the outgoing transmission will be switched to a 10-speed auto.2024 Toyota Hilux Redesign Canada

If we’re lucky, the deal with Japanese carmaker GR Helix will be sweetened, a faster form inspired by the Dakar Rally winning race truck.

Toyota has unveiled its redesigned Tundra in the United States, and its design and technology probably provide some clues to the next Toyota Hilux.

Of course, the Toyota Tundra is unlikely to ever arrive in South Africa, as it is now built in the left-drive format only, for its core North American market where it competes with top sellers Ford F-150 and Chevrolet Silvarado.

The new Tundra Toyota was designed between two U.S. design divisions, located in California and Michigan. While its ‘tough truck’ design language is a perfect fit for its home market, it is likely to influence the next-generation Toyota Hilux, which is expected to be around 2024.

The 2024 Toyota Tundra is built around the company’s new TNGA-F platform, which is expected to form the basis and structure of the redesigned Helix.

There are big changes to the suspension front, as the Tundra shades the primary leaf springs that you find under most of the rest (with a few exceptions like the Nissan Navarra). Instead the new Toyota sports a multi-link rear suspension system with coil springs, which will go a long way in improving ride quality.

But Toyota claims 17.6% improvement in towing capacity (now 5.4 tons) and 11% better payload (now 880 kg). It can still carry tow and better than before.2024 Toyota Hilux Redesign Canada

On the enginefront, the US-market Tundra Petrol packs power and it makes a huge technological leap with the fit of Toyota’s 3.5-liter twin-turbo V6. The new motor produces 290 thousand watts in its standard camouflage, but there is also a hybrid version that delivers a fleshy 326 thousand watts and 790 nm.

Both powertrains are paired with a 10-speed automatic transmission. While most next-gen Toyota Hilux models will no doubt have diesel power, it is unlikely that the 3.5V6 could turn it into a Raptor-rival GR version. Another rumored candidate here is, of course, the LC3’s 3.3-liter V7 turbodiesel.

In terms of cabin features, the 2024 Toyota Hilux Redesign packs some serious luxury and technology. It includes a new infotainment system with wireless carplay and Android Auto, as well as heated and ventilated front seats, a panoramic sunroof and a heated steering wheel, among other high-end amenities. However, it remains to be seen how many of these features will fit into the global Helix model.

The next-generation Toyota Hilux UT will reunite with a pair of American-market models, sharing an adaptation of the brand’s TNGA platform. The last time a Toyota Hilux US-spec Toyota Tacoma camel was closely related to the Australian market was in mid-2004.

According to the American publication Motor Trends, however, Toyota will reunite in the coming years over a body-on-frame version of the New Global Architecture (TNGA) modular platform. That pair of pick-up trucks will be joined by the US-market Toyota 4 Runner, a Tacoma-based wagon that is heavily aligned with Toyota Fortuna’s position in Australia and Southeast Asia.

Hilax and Tacoma were once in the same unit

In 2005, Toyota decided to distinguish similarly sized Helix and Tacoma Utas for their respective audiences, adopting the N220-N260 Tacoma and AN10-AN30 Helix separate ratios and engines, although some mechanical parts were pooled.

A cousin of today’s N300 Tacoma and AN120-AN130 Helix Telecom, the slightly more refined and sophisticated Tacoma has been pitched on the North American market as a small alternative to the Tundra full-size pickup.

Engineered for North America and currently built in Tijuana, Mexico, the Tacoma is a 2.7-liter natural four-cylinder gasoline or Toyota’s well-known 3.5-liter direct injection gasoline V6.

The same four-cylinder petrol engine is an entry-level powertrain of the Thai-made Toyota Hilux, known to Australian buyers, although most of the locally sold Helix examples are not found in the paired turbo diesel four-cylinder engine Tacoma.

Meanwhile, the US-market 4 Runner Wagon Tacoma and Hilux are both pre-existing, current N280 generations available since 2009 with a four-liter petrol V6 engine used in the last-gen Hilux and a repeat of the previous Land Cruiser Prado and FJ Cruiser wagons.

The decision to reunite the Helix, Tacoma and 4 Runner echoes the same expertise based on the 2022 Land Cruiser 300 series and the newly announced 2022 Tundra pick-up, which shares the TNGA-F chassis – a rough and ready, ready-to-use modular platform of the Toyota modular platform. -Frame adaptation that shares some elements with previous 200 series cruisers.

Will the next Helix use the TNGA-F platform?

It is entirely possible that the Hilux, Tacoma and 4 Runner will use the same TNGA-F platform in smaller sizes.

Capable of supporting the TNGA-F hybrid powertrain, Toyota locked a hybrid twin-turbo V6 petrol for the Tundra unit. Toyota Australia is committed to launching a Helix hybrid by 2030 and it is understood that the current platform is not ready for electrification in its current form.

Like other modular vehicle architectures, the TNGA-F sits well below the visual design of the vehicle, meaning there may be obvious visual differences for the Helix and Tacoma.

Will a new 4 runner be released in Australia?

It is also expected that the distinctive Fortune model, long developed only for the Southeast Asian market, will be discontinued with the return of the Toyota Australia 4 Runner, most recently sold in this country in 1990.

The next Hilux – and its Tacoma and 4 Runner cousins ​​- are set to be released in Australia, and history is a guide again.

The helix generation tends to last less than a decade. With the recent relaunch of Helix locally in 2015, TNGA based Helix is ​​expected to be launched in 2023 or 2024 or in about two years.

Whether we’ve seen Tacoma-shaped Hilux in Australia since then, backed up with a 4-runner wagon to replace the Fortune – no doubt we’ll hear more as the current model moves to retirement.