2023 Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro Review

2023 Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro Review

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2023 Toyota Tacoma – We, Toyota Tacoma fans and owners, are ready for almost any information about the next generation of midsize trucks. No matter how much we enjoy our 2021 Tacoma and last year’s trucks, it’s time to think about what happens next.

According to what most of us hope to find out soon (possibly this month), a new Toyota Tundra will be announced and launched by the end of this year.

But here the timeline becomes gray and gloomy and becomes quite fluid. From the latest rumor mill, I think we can plan for the next generation 2023 Toyota 4Runner. I feel that Toyota will probably also announce the next generation 2023 Toyota Tacoma. It could potentially become the next-generation 2024 Toyota Tacoma.

Toyota is best off keeping the news of the new model years as secret as possible. Very strategic with your statements.

So it’s time to talk about what we want for the next gen Tacoma.

The next generation Toyota Tacoma

This is one of the funniest parts of my job – speculation about what the new style, powertrain, technology and safety systems will look like.

This is a long Toyota Tacoma order. Wish list for the next generation Tacoma.

I knew I needed additional expert staff for this task, so I stopped by the Toyota Tacoma Enthusiast online Tacoma forum to get their feedback.

Great call to Jeff.

Time to see what they suggested.

Ryujun gave two cents. “Give us a small V8 or turbo inline 6.”

Alex said. “I’ll reinforce 6 bangers and reinforce 4 bangers for the base.”

“300hp / 300lb feet would be great. Other than that, keep it reliable!” Commented on Chad.

added Carlos. “I’d love to buy a new V8 Tacoma. If they slapped the price of the 70k sticker, I’d be happy to switch and buy a used one in a year.”

The gun has heard some rumors about the Toyota Tacoma. “I’ve heard from some Toyota employees that 2.7 is leaving for the next generation.”

Next General 2023 Tacoma Comfort

For many Tacoma enthusiasts, passenger space and seating comfort are very important.

Barry said. “The biggest one for me is the seat. Make the cab roof a little higher so you have better seat adjustment. Sitting on the floor after long journeys can sometimes become uncomfortable. Also an 8-10 speed transistor. It was f150 for rent and it changes much smoother.”

“Hybrid. More leg / head space. Better stock sound system and player that integrates better with the phone.” Suggested by Lisa.

Moira exclaimed. “More head rooms …!” On a similar note: “Eww Da-vid!” I hope you all got my Schitt’s Creek reference.

“I want the back seat folded so you can use a flat floor to load things like the f150.” Hoped Dens.

Ken sees a green future for Toyota Tacoma and Toyota Tundra. “They go in a hybrid. Same with the Tundra.”

Lee wants a little more under the hood. “More horsepower.”

Adaptation of the new Tacoma

Alex is already thinking of stepping up his Takoma. “Wheelwells that will accept 35’s without a cab mount chop!”

Francis wants to get down to business. “The driver’s side pillar grips the handle. Wtf Toyota.” And Den replied. “Isn’t that the steering wheel?”

“I’d like to see a v8. They could literally put it all back as it was in the 1st gen without all the fancy stuff on offer in the v8, and I would be 100% to buy 1 heartbeat. Security and power would be super perfect for tbh.” Throw in Ray.

Jason and several other Tacoma fans had a similar idea. “DIESEL FUEL DIIIEEESSEEELLLLLL.”

Stefan also has a wish list. “Power-driven without a doubt. The current engine and transmission don’t work together. The hybrid option would be great. An aggressive look is a must.”

“The 4.0 standard for all TRDs isn’t just a plus and God’s love for the rear disc brakes …” Aaron added.

Eds broke the Toyota code. “I bet Toyota engineers have infiltrated all these Tacoma groups. It’s one huge think tank. I hope they improve the obvious shortcomings.” Chris is based on it. “One could only hope! Listen to your consumers, Toyota.”

Mujtaba wants big changes. “Front lockers. Supercharger. Mud from the box 33s / all terrain.”

Joy has a special request. “Rear disc brakes. Don’t come to me with it ‘but they last 100k miles crap,’ I’d better stop the power and spend an hour changing them every 30k miles.”

Jim asked a few things. “Tundra-style electric rear window and 4.0 engine.”

“I would be fine with a hybrid system, but I want them to keep the manual option. What about the stainless steel frame? Julie was interviewed.

Marked by Zac. Sign up for the newsletter and we want you to do it. The new tundra is expected to have a turbo V6. “

An interesting thought about the turbo V6 Zack. Time will tell. And it will tell soon.

“Keep the 3rd generation look with the turbo option or maybe an updated 4L. Keep the same level of technology as the disc brakes.” Commented by Wayne.

“V8 variant !!! And a full rolled back window like a big bro!” Yes, Lindsay is talking about you Toyota Tundra.

And the latest Toyota Tacoma review

Isaac will think of his wish list. “More options. Some of the things that a lot of people add in any case, like winch, side air, ditch lights, etc., would be nice if they could be as factory options, and therefore covered by the warranty. Also the front cabinet, maybe QD a swinging bar, a forced induction option (supercharger) … and a DCLB with a manual transmission, lol … I understand that these options would still increase the price tag. “2023 Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro Review

Sign up for the newsletter and we still anticipate that our home has a 1999 Turbo 4-cylinder variant, more gears in the transmission and some legroom in the rear. ”Another vote for the rear seat leg from Mustafa.

“Better sitting position with more rear seat, hybrid and / or EV options, more interior color and material choices.” Recommended by David.

Ems said. “Hybrid variant. More legroom in the back seat. The option for the TRD Pro is a 6ft bed.”

Brian wants more and more. “Factory supercharger 4.0. Turbo diesel. Front cabinet. Unroll window. Metal Composite bed instead. Functional hood scoop.”

“EV with fast charging with 500mi range and front cabinet.” That would be a good match for Toyota EV’s future Wade plans.

Sign up for the newsroom and we’ll send you the best of the best Especially for the rear-facing car seat. “I’m with you in this Tyler.

Robert had a very practical idea. “Make the bed wall / backboard deeper. 1-2 inches would make the cooler fit when it’s on top.”

Time your thoughts on the next generation Toyota Tacoma

This long and impressive list of ideas can help shape what will soon become the next generation 2023 Tacoma (well, or 2024 Tacoma).

What ideas do you like best? This is a great time for your feedback. It would be good to assume that several Toyota staff assigned to develop the next Tacoma will read this article.

Just a hunch. But a sound flair.

Maybe they will see some of these ideas and move on with it.

So leave a comment or two with your thoughts on what would be a great “next Tacoma”.