2022 Toyota Land Cruiser Release Date Philippines

2022 Toyota Land Cruiser Release Date Philippines

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2022 Toyota Land Cruiser Release Date Philippines – The next generation Toyota Land Cruiser will debut in April 2021, according to a Best Car in Japan rumor. The automaker has already informed dealers about the new SUV.  In a somewhat surprising move, the new Land Cruiser reportedly doesn’t ride on the new F1 box-body platform that models like the next-gen Tundra are getting. Instead, the SUV retains its current fundamentals. However, Land Cruiser would receive an extensive overhaul elsewhere, including new engines, transmission upgrades, and an improved suspension.

2022 Toyota Land Cruiser Release Date Philippines

This rumor reiterates the accusation that the new-generation Land Cruiser adopts a turbocharged 3.5-liter V6 with hybrid assistance. There would also supposedly be a 3.3-liter turbodiesel, but don’t expect to see it available everywhere Toyota sells the SUV.

A Toyota expert tells us that, in the United States at least, the company intends to sell the new Land Cruiser exclusively with five seats and position it as a “serious off-roader” without the current model’s emphasis on luxury. This should translate to a lower base price than the 2021 SUV’s $ 85,515 (plus a $ 995 destination fee). There is even a report on the possibility of an even more robust GR version.

The 2021 model year reportedly marks the end of the current Land Cruiser in the United States. Assuming this rumor is accurate, after the debut of the new generation in April, then we would expect sales to start in the second half of the year as a 2022MY product.

Currently, the Land Cruiser and Lexus LX are basically the same vehicle with different styling touches, but this is not going to be the case in the future. The Lexus LQ would be the new premium-end SUV, and it would have a fair focus on luxury, rather than off-road ruggedness.

Earlier this year, a rumor emerged that the Toyota Land Cruiser, beloved behemoth and longtime owner of Toyota’s fanciest title, was being axed after the 2021 model year. Since we’d rather not fan the internet rumors not verified, we refrained from jumping to flops at the time until we could get some confirmation, which, of course, was unrealized from Toyota. But now we’ve spoken to a partner in a large dealer franchise who confirmed that 2021 is the end of the road for Toyota’s iconic SUV. But fortunately, maybe not for long.

“It’s gone for 2022, but I think it will be back soon, and much more modern and luxurious,” he told us. The current Land Cruiser, the 200 series, in parlance Cruiser, dates back to the 2008 model year and (more) due to major improvements, especially at the front end of fuel economy, where its combined EPA rating of 14 mpg is making it Toyota’s fleet has no favors. Toyota also has a habit of dropping nameplates and reviving them later, and not always at multi-decade intervals like the Supra. The Venza went for a walk in 2015 and returned for 2021, and we’d suspect the Land Cruiser won’t be leaving for six years.2022 Toyota Land Cruiser Release Date Philippines

One of the reasons for the decision would appear to stem from the sales or lack thereof. In 2019, Toyota sold 3,536 Land Cruisers, which represents a sales increase of 9.7 percent over 2018, but still amounts to a rounding error for a company that sold around 2.4 million vehicles in each one of the previous two years. Still, if we modestly estimate that Toyota makes $ 10,000 per Land Cruiser, and given the age of the platform and shared tundra engine, we’d suspect it’s much more than that: $ 35 million a year isn’t a bad take for a niche vehicle. . But for the Land Cruiser to become more than just a niche player, it needs a wholesale overhaul. Do we see a 300 series with a hybrid powertrain that resembles a swoon on the horizon?

Let’s hope so. And let’s hope the Land Cruiser wasn’t gone for as long as the Supra (or Bronco, for that matter). A redesign can be exciting, but everyone loves a comeback.

Toyota cancels Land Cruiser in 2022 and it’s about time

It’s no secret that the current generation Toyota Land Cruiser, which has been in production since 2007 and only received a mild update in 2016, is an outdated piece of machinery. At $ 85,000, it’s arguably overpriced as well. And, starting in 2022, the Land Cruiser will be “off the market,” according to Jonny Lieberman at MotorTrend. And you know what? It was time.

Before the forks sharpen and the torches light up, I want to make it very clear that the J200 Series Land Cruiser is still a capable off-roader despite being a decade old. It does everything you ask it to do pretty well, including transporting your family during the week and all your off-road gear and toys on the weekend. But when Toyota still insists on charging nearly $ 90,000 for a ten-year-old SUV and sales don’t justify its existence, it should come as no surprise that the Land Cruiser is taking the ax. It also doesn’t help every J200 comes fully loaded from the factory and you can find low-mileage examples from 2018 that go for $ 10,000- $ 20,000 cheaper.

If the second-hand market isn’t enough, the internal competition from the 4Runner and Sequoia effectively makes the Land Cruiser a completely obsolete SUV. That’s because if you want a Toyota SUV for camping and trail riding, the community favorite is hands down the 4Runner. Whether you’re looking for a new SUV for your family, a tough truck to work with, an efficient host and an efficient Sequoia host. In reality, the off-road and luxury communities rarely intersect, making the modern Land Cruiser uselessly designed and engineered.

Off-road is all about affordability. why? Because damage and dirt are inevitable and cleaning plush leather seats and carpets and paying thousands of dollars for a new paint job every weekend is insane. Take a stroll through any land or off-road meeting and you will be hard-pressed to find attendees showing off their new Land Cruisers. Sure, the J200 Land Cruiser is more than capable off-roading, but so is the 4Runner TRD. And the $ 40,000 you save with the 4Runner goes a long way in upgrades to make it even more of a formidable adventure vehicle.

On the other hand, the car buyer looking for a Toyota luxury SUV, who doesn’t want to go out for a Lexus, probably isn’t worried about off-road handling, which is where the Sequoia comes in. The more suburban SUV has the same V8 engine as the Land Cruiser, carries groceries just as well, and comes with a near-identical, high-quality interior, all for about $ 20,000 less. However, as mentioned above, if you’re really adamant about getting a J200 for its fancy and nameplate, and are on a Sequoia budget, the used market is the place to look.

When people hear “Land Cruiser is canceled,” there will be an uproar, but not about the J200. The reaction will be fueled by nostalgia for the iconic FJ40. Classic Land Cruisers are the models everyone lovingly associates with Toyota’s most durable nameplate, charmingly bare comforts, and brutal off-road capability. The J200 is not that. Should the Land Cruiser name go away? Of course not. It deserves to live as long as any other car with such a rich history, but not just because of its name. If Toyota were to take the Land Cruiser back to its roots and focus less on moving up the market, stepping on Pero’s toes, until that happens and Toyota realizes the error of its ways, the Land Cruiser needs to be put to rest.