2022 Toyota Avanza Veloz New Edition

2022 Toyota Avanza Veloz New Edition

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2022 Toyota Avanza Veloz – The all new Toyota Avanza 2022 finally officially made its worldwide debut in Indonesia today, Wednesday (10/11). Not only that, the car of millions of people and his brother Toyota Veloz 2022 was practically launched.

Susumu Matsuda, President Director of PT Toyota-Astra Motors (TAM), said: “This is an all-new Toyota Avanza and all new Veloz models, such as the worldwide model made in Indonesia, and the key model for Toyota, which represents our commitment and efforts to deliver quality cars. . “

The launch is a celebration of the third generation Toyota Avanza 2022. The design and design are all new. This is different than the previous model. This latest version is bigger and the body curves are no longer as stretched as before.

The new car uses a new platform. As before, the car was manufactured by Daihatsu Zenia 2022 at the same time as the Astra Daihatsu Motor (ADM) factory. Except for the Toyota Veloz which is now manufactured by Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indonesia (TMMIN).

Toyota Avanza 2022 and Veloz 2022 engine changes

Then from the mechanical heart, Toyota Avanza 2022 is still equipped with a 1,300 and 1,500 cc dual VVT-I engine. It is true that the engine inard differs from the older model, as the drive system now uses front-wheel drive (FWD) and CVT matic transmission.

There are 4 variants available in the market, including 1.3 EM / T, then 1.5 Gm / T and CVT, and at most there complete with Type G CVT TSS, or Toyota Safety Sense feature. Although the Toyota Veloz 2022 consists of the standard manual type, the Q CVT, and the Q CVT with TSS all use a 1,500 cc engine.

Features Toyota Avanza and Veloz 2022

This 2022 Toyota Avanza car improves many features, thus it is more up in class and not just lower MPV. There is also a seating configuration that can be used as a sofa for chatting with family. The manufacturer refers to this as ‘long sofa mode’.

It’s like answering each other’s leaks to get the audience’s attention. Following the release of the 2022 Mitsubishi Expender CVT, the new generation Toyota Veloz Q has spread through social media. When compared to older models, the change is very radical. It is understood that Avanza has now won the All New title with the TNGA platform. This means that the whole part has been renovated and it has become a very different image.

You can observe in Roman Veloz Q. The front grille looks wide, forming a hexagon. Highlight highlights are tapped in the bottom corner. All front light exposure LED technology. Then came the extreme sculpture in the Foglamp area. Now take care to minimize the chromium lace, as the border of the grill and hood. The bumper holder is then sprayed with silver paint. Whether it can be considered good or even extra. Because looking at the language of design, it is full of subjectivity.

There is a long sideline pool behind Veloz 2022. The fenders were then made to stand apart like expanders. If based on leaked information. It looks tall and has a wheelbase of 2,750mm. Where only 2,655 mm in the older generation. As you can imagine, the new Avanza wheelbase number is the same as the Kizang Innova. The airy interior is no longer imaginary.2022 Toyota Avanza Veloz New Edition

The 16-inch dual-tone rim became the focus of the body. And as you can see in the variant above, it uses disc brakes both front and rear. Keep looking back. The LED bar extends the two sides of the house’s tail lamp together. Just below the Toyota logo, the name Veloz is attached. The reflector is placed below the corner of the car. The rear bumper has also been chipped with silver to enhance the look.

The interior of Avanja Veloz 2022 has not been completely renovated. The steering wheel looks a bit like the latest Toyota car, like the Innova or Fortuner. Then in the middle there is a floating style touchscreen monitor head unit. The size is about eight inches following the multimbus on the device. The AC system already seems to be getting better with digital double blowers and door trim and console touch.

Well, based on Leakup, the standard features are always equipped with complete security devices. Anti-lock braking system (ABS). Also with the help of Electronic Brakeforce Distribution (EBD) to be more optimized in vehicle speed. The Avanza Ceres is new to Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) and Hill Start Assist (HSA). Others such as Seatbelt with Pretenance and Force Limiter, Seatbelt Warning, Rear Parking Sensor, Rear Parking Camera, Alarm + Immobilizer continue to be maintained. Dikuti Pula Icefix Plus Side Impact Beam.

Then the main safety features in the form of Toyota Safety Sense. You can find it in Avanja G CVT TSS and Veloz Q so customers can enjoy the benefits of Lane Departure Assist with pre-collision system, Adaptive Cruise Control, Front Departure Alert, Steering Assist. In addition, pedal incorrect operation control insertion, rear cross traffic warning, as well as blind spot monitoring.

An audio system that supports entertainment and comfort in the cars of one million people is equipped using a 7-inch floating model head unit, as well as a USB port that can accommodate rear row passengers.2022 Toyota Avanza Veloz New Edition

From a driver’s point of view, this is no less interesting. Anyone who drives a Toyota Avanza 2022 or 2022 Toyota Veloz model will be spoiled with tilt and telescopic steering wheel settings. The cluster panel is equipped with a TFT screen to bring out animations to make it more modern and futuristic.

Security assistance is also more sophisticated. Equipped with all types of Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS), Electronic Brake-Force Distribution (EBD), Seatbelt Reminder 7-Point, Hill Start Assist and Vehicle Stability Control.

But for the top variant of the Toyota Avanza 2022, it is more complete because it has a Toyota Safety Sense consisting of Lane Departure Assist, Paddle Missoperation Control, Front Departure Alert, Pre-Collision System, Rear Crossing Traffic Alert and Blind Spot Monitoring.

The manufacturer also equipped it with a connection feature of a smart phone, so that it can use Find My Car and Find Geofencing Function to detect the movement of vehicles. This feature was originally added to the latest generation of Toyota Camry.

Especially the Toyota Veloz 2022 2022 is more luxurious than the Toyota Avanza because it features extra electric parking brakes with auto hold, wireless charging, TFT meter panel, ceiling entertainment screen and sequential lighting.

Prices for the Toyota Avanza 2022 start at 206.2 million for the Type E, and the RP226.5 million (manual) and RP241.4 million (Matic) Type G. GCVT TSS is priced at RP 284.4 million.

Although the Toyota Veloz 2022 starts at RP 251.2 million for manual type, Q CVT type RP 272.1 million, and Q CVT TSS RP 291.5 million.