2022 Toyota 86 Engine Swap Kit Car

2022 Toyota 86 Engine Swap Kit Car

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2022 Toyota 86 Engine Swap Kit Car – Small sports coupe fans breathed a sigh of relief last year when it was revealed the Toyota 86 and Subaru BRZ had been officially renewed for a second generation.

Now, there’s even more good news: Autocar reports the second-generation twins will see a big bump in power.

Like the current models, the new coupes will use a Subaru powertrain.

This time, however, it’ll be the turbocharged 2.4-litre four-cylinder engine used in the upcoming 2021 Subaru Outback, as well as the large Subaru Ascent crossover sold in North America.

Yes, that means an engine used to power a Toyota Kluger rival will now be under the bonnet of a small coupe.

The current naturally-aspirated 2.0-litre boxer engine has 152kW and 212Nm. In the Ascent, the turbo 2.4-litre produces 190kW and 376Nm, representing a healthy bump in power and torque.

It’s also more powerful than the base tune of the GR Supra’s BMW-sourced turbocharged 2.0-litre four-cylinder.

Not offered here, the Supra SZ makes 145kW and 320Nm, though in more expensive SZ-R trim those outputs are increased to 190kW and 400Nm.

The coupe twins will move to the Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA), which the company has said can support both front- and rear-wheel-drive layouts.

Naturally, the new cars are expected to feature upgraded technology and materials in the interior. That’s good news as the current cars’ cabins are showing their 2012 vintage.

Autocar believes the new 86 and BRZ will arrive sometime in 2021.

Don’t expect a hybrid version though, at least not yet. While hybrids are continuing to proliferate throughout the Toyota range, the company believes its current-generation hybrid system is too heavy for performance vehicles.

Said Naohiko Sato, chief engineer of the GR Yaris, “Right now, if we chose an electrified powertrain for a sports car, it would be heavier”.

“We decided it’s not the right way to go right now. Maybe when the technology gets better and we have new technology allowing lighter powertrains, it could be good.”

Autocar also reports the 86 will also receive an ever-so-slightly different name: GR86, as in Gazoo Racing.

Though the UK is one of the few markets where the 86 wears the GT86 nameplate, suggesting the new name mightn’t be universal, Toyota is keen to promote its Gazoo Racing division.

The new Supra, after all, is referred to officially as the GR Supra.

Toyota is also expanding the global presence of Gazoo Racing, with the rorty little GR Yaris arriving in Australia late this year.

The Toyota 86 (formerly Scion FR-S) is a wonderful little machine.

It’s a rear-wheel-drive sports car that’s affordable, approachable, and a ton of fun. Still, it could use a bit more power.

When I say a bit, I mean another 50 horsepower and it would be perfect. When Street FX Motorsports of Australia says a bit, its goal is 1,000 horsepower.

Australia is just the best.

The car here started life as a Toyota 86 that was destined for your standard street and track events, which I believe means it was going to be an autocross car. The car was given the full Rocket Bunny wide-body kit makeover, and it was the first 86 Down Under to receive that styling treatment. From there, the build just sort of took off.

At one point, the existing FA20 engine was upgraded and power output was gradually increased thanks to turbocharging and a number of other upgrades. That plan is now officially out the window, though, because the car is prepped and ready to receive a 4.1-liter version of a Nissan GT-R engine.

A pair of HKS turbos work in concert with the stroked GT-R engine. It was clearly a ton of work to make this engine swap fit, and the basics of the build are covered here. A whole lot of height had to be removed to make the thing fit, and from there the custom work just continues.

If you think the Ferrari-engined Toyota 86 was a monster build, then you’re going to love this beast.

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