2021 Toyota Sienna Redesign

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2021 Toyota Sienna Redesign – Toyota hasn’t done much of anything on Sienna for what feels like thousands of years, but here’s our first clue that something new is finally there at the bend for the big minivan. The vehicle pictured here is a mule tester, probably for the Toyota 2021 note that the wheels are poking out of the wheel arch, revealing what is almost certainly a wider path based on the Toyota Tnga platform that continues to Seeps into the entire Toyota ranks. I assume that this is the longer version of TNGA that is currently used by Avalon and Lexus ES.

Sienna will definitely be bigger than ever, exhibiting wider tracks and elongated wheelbase. Toyota even modified the body panel on this mule to fit the wheels and tires underneath it all. Longer doors and rear indented. The mirrors were then arbitrarily attached to the doors, instead of the pillar-A where they lived now.
All that we see here makes us believe that the new Sienna will be a monster in terms of interior space and utilities. This is already a big van, and this will only make the room more airy. We hope Toyota does not mess up the neat sliding second line that opens everything up to the legroom like a limousine, but please be careful with piles and middle dashboards like buses.

All Toyota cars that moved to TNGA are smoother and sharper to drive than its predecessor, so we will assume the new Toyota Sienna will end with the same feeling. Of course it has a lot of room for improvement compared to Pacifica and Odyssey at this stage, Sienna is only in the form of a mule, so it will most likely be a few years before any kind of disclosure occurs. Model year 2021 speculated for the redesigned Sienna, but there is still no confirmation from Toyota about it. However, if the timeline is correct, it means that the current Sienna will survive 10 years between the full redesign. The typical life cycle of Toyota is six.

A test mule has been seen, and while it still wears the body of Sienna this time a variety of clues about what we can expect on a redesigned version.

Modifications to the front fenders indicate a longer wheel axis distance, and a prominent tyre indicates the width will be slightly uphill. The rear overhang has also been stretched, which means Toyota might also want to add space in the back. Move the rear-view mirror to the door instead of at the base of the A pillar as in the current model.

Being under the body is considered a stretched version of the modular platform that supports the latest Camry and Avalon. The Platform will result in increased rigidity and less likely weight for the redesigned Sienna. Automatic 8-auto hybrid powertrain engine and available must also be part of the package.

The redesigned Sienna example will eventually come with self-driving technology developed separately by Toyota and Uber. Sienna self-driving will operate on a trial basis in Uber’s Ride-ride fleet from 2021, although specific details about the deployment are not yet provided.