2021 Toyota Highlander Hybrid Canada

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2021 Toyota Highlander Hybrid Canada – Hybrid family Crossover need not be 306 hp. Sounds obvious, isn’t it? For the 2020 model year, the Toyota Highlander Hybrid shifted its focus, becoming less robust, perhaps more affordable, and much more efficient than its predecessor. While we haven’t yet had the opportunity to drive a new three-line hybrid crossover, the Toyota update might just make the 2020 Hybrid Highlander a choice for more shoppers than ever before.

2021 Toyota Highlander Hybrid Canada

Next year marks a 20-year anniversary for the Toyota Highlander, a medium size SUV which is one of the first sports utilities based on platforms such as automobiles. That is, the unibody construction and with the independent rear suspension, made it very different from the turn of competitors of the century when it came to the comfort of the road, surpassed the people like the Jeep Grand Cherokee and the Chevrolet Trailblazer. Obviously, the pioneer of all his own.

Half a decade later, the Highlander resumed the evolution of his thinking ahead with his hybrid debut, the first seven-passenger hybrid, and that used the extensive Toyota electric motor and battery knowledge taken from his Prius division. Fast forward to the present, and hybrids have been a mainstay in the stable Highlander since its debut in 2006.

Now six years-completely lifetime-to the third generation, the Highlander 2019 lineup has only one update over the 2018-LED fog lights. Fortunately, the main redesign on the 2013 makes the second-generation box exterior rounded in a way that still looks contemporary. Likewise, the facelift 2016 updates the front and back fascia with headlights and backlights rearranged, thus helping to hide the age of the current model. However, the interior looks a bit tired with respect to the fierce competition in the three-line hybrid segment (mainly Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV, Nissan Pathfinder Hybrid and Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid).

The testimony to the Highlander’s attractiveness is the fact that although more than half a decade enters the current generation, sales continue to increase. The spy photos instruct the 2020 model to be all-new, and while the exterior doesn’t seem to have any radical changes-moreover there’s just so much you can do with a medium-sized SUV-cabin will definitely get the design The most welcome birthday.

But that’s for the future; To the current hybrid model. Our tester is a limited edition top-of-the-line, one of the two all-wheel-drive hybrid trim available for the year 2019 (the basic hybrid is XLE, with MSRP starting from $50,950 and a seat for eight as opposed to the Limited seven).

As with the first Highlander and its emphasis on convenience on the road, 2019 Hybrid Limited is a very smooth and very agile SUV. The first thanks to the electric steering wheel, the front suspension with the McPherson struts and the double-wishbone rear suspension with the trailing arm; The latter comes from the fresh V6 3.5 liter with output in the north of 300 horsepower. Coupled with the Toyota’s proven hybrid drive system which utilizes a high power motor/torque generator, power is delivered to all four wheels via electronically controlled continuous variable transmission that further smoothed the highway and Acceleration overtaking.

All of them make the fuel economy number more impressive (city 8.1 L/100 km; Highway 8.5). But that’s a hybrid point, right? The question is, is his MSRP-$5,000 and a change over the special gas model of the limited AWD that comes with the same-justifies itself? I guess it will depend where you live in Canada (ie. Here at Metro Vancouver you pay the highest fuel prices in the country) and how many kilometers you will travel each year. And, as with all the hybrids, if you plan to keep the vehicle for a long time, brake and your transmission-all things are considered equal-

What I can say after getting around in the lower ground for a week in the Limited Hybrid is you won’t be disappointed with the utility of this SUV, and your passengers will not also be defeated by their comfort zones respectively. The two front lines feature a well-supported captain’s seat, the driver and the front passenger enjoy a heated and ventilated seat, the midline passenger is heating the seat, and all seven passengers are perched on a premium perforated skin.

Transporting a bunch of teenage girls to and from the local ski hill is always a good test for an SUV, and a Hybrid Highlander pass with flying colors, although the 60/40 third line seat does mean two of them sitting tucked in the meeting Along with a ski board and stacked board on one side. Fortunately four onboard USB outlets ensure no one without charging an important smartphone before regarding slopes. Similarly, the JBL 12-speaker audio system receives a lot of thumbs-up, as does Sirius radio and massive panoramic sunroof. We even test, though unknowingly, the Congestion protection feature back door when the wrong ski is not pushed far enough and the close-range button is pressed. Glad to report no harm to vehicles or skiers.

There are two train thinking when considering vehicle purchases in the last year of the generation out. On the plus side, you should estimate that, in the case of the Highlander 2019, six years of bugs/problems have been worked out and corrected in the current model; On the negative side, the fourth generation to come will largely be a clean sheet design, which means a better interior (people will assume).

That’s for prospective buyers to complete, but what I can say with confidence is that the 2019 Highlander Hybrid Limited is a medium size SUV that is highly capable, comfortable and efficient.