2020 Toyota Tacoma Canada Review

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2020 Toyota Tacoma Canada Review – Toyota Tacoma 2020 was updated this year, but it may not be enough to repelling the competitors of pickup trucks popping up in recent years. With standard active safety technology, muscular tightability, and excellent off-road capability, Tacoma remains in its midst, but a rocking journey and tight interiors may not be suitable for potential buyers. We rate 5.0 out of 10 overall.

2020 Toyota Tacoma Canada Review

For the years 2020, Tacoma finally gained the capabilities of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto along with Amazon Alexa integration on updated audio systems and infotainment. Other updates include an adjustable 10-way driver seat for replacing old manual seats on SR5 and higher trim, surround-view camera systems on top-level models and under-vehicle cameras for OFF-Road and Pro TRD trucks, and Styling tweaks like new wheels and LED daytime running lights on most models. TRD Pro ready off-road models also get a revised suspension, which we expect will improve rocking quality over the past year.

When we compared the recent intermediate trucks, Toyota Tacoma experienced a shortage. Too short. It looks great, promises to die reliably, and should continue to have a great resale value, but the rest of the Tacoma experience is less than the competition. Perhaps knowing it should improve its game, Toyota has introduced a long list of updates for Tacoma 2020, including a new grille design for all trim except TRD Pro.

The SR. Base model gets a new gril, a tweaked back light design, and an optional LED light for the bed. Intermittent wiper is now standard, along with a touch screen of 7.0 inches. Even better, you also get support for Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, and Amazon Alexa. The Toyota driver’s safety and assistance technology range is also standard worldwide, offering adaptive cruise control and line departure warnings, among others.

Climb to the more popular SR5, and like most of the Tacoma ranks, there is a new grille design. You also get a new 16 inch wheel, a darker back light house, different fabric coatings, and a 8.0-inch touch screen that is shared with all the higher trim. Toyota also offers LED bed lights and light walking as an option.

TRD Sport adds Gril, a new 17-inch wheel, a chrome back light insert, and a long list of lighting options. Standard LED fog lights, while the DRL LEDS, headlights, and bed lights are all optional. A one-touch keyless entry has been added to the passenger door. The surround-view camera system is optional.

The Off-Road TRD Model Gets the most of the same upgrades and options that are found on the 2020 TRD Sport. But to improve his off-road capabilities, Toyota also added an optional system which he called a Multi-Terrain Monitor, which shows what is under the truck. Bilstein shocks, locking back differential, Hill start aid, crawl control, and multiple off-road modes become standard.

For buyers who want more off-road capability, TRD Pro now comes with LED headlights, foglight, and DRL, a black back light insert, and a new 16-inch wheel that is 4 pounds (1.8 kg) each lighter than the previous one. You also get an adjustable 10-way driver seat, a standard surround-view camera system, an OFF-Road Multi-Terrain TRD Monitor, an updated shock and spring, and a retractable moonroof. The Model automatically comes with the help of a hill start, selectable drive modes, crawl control, and a premium audio system.

Finally, the Limited top-Trim gets a new 18 inch wheel, LED lights and DRL, and chrome back light inserts. And although it gets a lot of the same updates with other models, it also includes a surround-view camera system as standard.

For now, Toyota does not speak of price, but do not be surprised to see a slight increase when the model 2020 finally reaches the dealer. Will the update help Tacoma feel refreshed? We look forward to finding it in the first Drive in the future.