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2020 Toyota Supra Launch Edition First Test

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2020 Toyota Supra Launch Edition First Test – Beaten by Rolls-Royce Phantom, Bentley Mulsanne has been around since 2010, but that does not mean it will be renewed. In fact, a new UK report indicated that the Crewe main model would not be introduced in this decade, with rumors leading to the launch in early 2020. When it finally arrives, Luxobarge can avoid the V8 petrol engine. , 75 liters Biturbo-sound at once to make way for the all-electric arrangement.

2020 Toyota Supra Launch Edition First Test

According to Autocar, Bentley is still not deciding whether the next Mulsanne will be a successor like or will be another type of car. Whatever the form, it will retain its status as a high-end model of the company. One option that is currently being analyzed is Pure Electric Mulsanne, because even though Crewe people were not excited about building an electric Bentayga, they were open-minded on the prospect of developing a large, emissions-free sedan. .

EV technology will evolve at the time taking into account the Volkswagen Group’s electric drive, which should start next year with the VW ID model. The news in the streets is that Bentley is also playing with the idea of ​​four-door electric coupe using adapted equipment from Porsche Mission E, which is expected to be sold to 2019 as well as the compact I.D sedan.

Bentley launched an electrification campaign by launching the Bentayga Plug-In Hybrid a few months ago at the Geneva Motor Show. The next generation of Flying Spur has been spotted carrying around an extra fuel door, so it reveals that it will also be partially electrified and only a matter of time until the Continental GT will also be combining the combustion engine with the electric motor. …

He inches up the ramp and settles slightly on the weighing pads: 3,363 pounds. Weight distribution: 52% forward, 48% back. Heavy nose, but only slightly. Dimensionally, this is a 9/10-scale version of the latest Supra, 5.2 inches shorter and 142 pounds lighter (despite all the safety gear added today). All the rest that counts, however, is a solid 11 / 10th; Road test publisher Chris Walton is busy recording technical specifications. power? 335 of its 3.0-liter turbocharged inline-six, compared to the fourth generation 320hp of 1cc less (and it has a whopping 50 lb-ft of torque than the fourth generation at 2,400rpm of less).

A bigger advance is its transmission, now a slick, fast, paddle-shifted eight-speed automatic with twice as much gears as its slow, old four-speed automatic gearbox. And believe me, Neandertals gearbox, you really want these index-finger trigger changes on these long, ropy shift throws and Texas left foot tramping of the old manual stick shift. But frankly, the biggest advance is probably the one you will not think about his modern shoes. These Michelin Pilot Super Sports, shifted to 255 / 35R-19 in the front, 275 / 35-19 rear, are gummy squash court shoes compared to the Dutch wooden clompers which were 1997 235 / 45-17 and 255 / 45-17 size Michelin Pilot SX.

Recording done, Chris straps the Vbox into the passenger seat and slows it down on the track.

Perhaps you have noticed the “GR” and “Launch Edition” that are intermingled with the name of this new Supra. These first two letters are for Gazoo Racing, the performance face of Toyota to win Le Mans, World Rally Championships, and, now, the development of the Supra’s dynamics around the Nurburgring. In fact, it was Akio Toyoda’s campaign in the former Supra that convinced him to summon a successor.

The Launch Edition part refers to the red mirrors of this car, brake calipers, and interior accents, but it’s the launch control software from the Supra that Walton now cares about. Inside, by his notes in the cockpit: “Press the Sport button, then press the TC button to display SPORT TRACTION. Hold both pedals down, see checkered flag icon, revs settle at 2,000 rpm “The Supra squats like a muscular cat, tense and ready to bolt.” Then release the brakes. He manages his wheel quite well with both the throttle and the short displacement. After a few consistent, consecutive races, I then tried my Organic Launch Control (ie, Walton Control) and tied the Launch Control to a 1 / 100th of a second (he did it twice) . This must be all the grip these tires have. Zero to 60 in 3.9 seconds and the quarter in 12.5 to 111.2 mph.