2020 Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 2.8 Diesel 4WD

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2020 Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 2.8 Diesel 4WD – Toyota became one of the most selling car brands in the world. In Indonesia itself this brand becomes king, even in almost every car segment. In the Toyota MPV class has Avanza, SUV with its flagship Fortuner, and LCGC with Calya. Of course there are still many more line up cars from the Toyota brand.

2020 Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 2.8 Diesel 4WD

In recent Toyota became a conversation, the reason one of his car is Land Cruiser Prado 2019 will become the car service Regent Pandeglang. With a price that reaches billions of dollars of course this Land Cruiser car is quite making yammer. Because, many other cars are cheaper and not less quality.

This Toyota Land Cruiser Prado does not enter the Indonesian market, so it must first import from neighboring countries such as Australia. Estimated Land Cruiser Prado price itself there about Rp800 million, but when entering Indonesia, certainly the price is much more expensive.

The price of Land Cruiser Prado is very expensive, what are the specifications brought by this car? If you look at the price of this car is certainly the specs and features that support quite a luxury and capable for a class of SUV cars.

Car exterior Land Cruiser

As SUV cars of Land Cruiser certainly this one can flex the heavy terrain. With large dimensions and high ground clearance is definitely a sense of comfort has been presented this luxury car. Please also note that the Land Cruiser Prado car uses an 18-inch tyre. How high is it like?

If you look at the side of the design, the 2020 Toyota Land Cruiser car looks fancy with a classic twist.

This appears on the back that still uses suspended spare tires, such as the Toyota Rush 2011-An. It looks also different from the Land Cruiser marketed in Indonesia. If the car Land Cruiser in Indonesia looks fancy like SUV with a price of billions rupiah.

Although the exterior of the Land Cruiser Prado is quite dashing, if Otolovers this car is sure to be increasingly macho. With such luxurious design, approximately how much is the Land Cruiser Prado price when entering Indonesia? To know this, see the next review of Otolovers.

Interior Cruiser Car Land

The name is also a luxury car, surely the contents of the interior is a dream everyone. It not only offers comfortable seating, also features with advanced technology. For the amusement of the Land Cruiser Prado is equipped with 14 speakers and a DVD player in the back. The dashboard is also equipped with an 8-inch touchscreen, which is also designed with a classic feel.

Interior side of the Land Cruiser not only that, still supported by several other features, such as three-zone climate control, backward camera, keyless, front seat that can be heated and cooled, satellite navigation, lights and automatic wipers, LED lights, and upholstery Skin. It also comes with an electric sunroof, power plugs, rear wipers, air suspension, as well as the addition of wood trim on some sides.

As a big SUV the Land Cruiser Prado 7 passenger power. It will certainly feel comfortable and not too jostle. The more comfortable because the central seat can be arranged forward, so that the back seat can get enough space for the comfort.

Luxury car output Toyota is also have ventilation everywhere, so the cabin car Land Cruiser Prado can be fast hot or cold according to the wishes of passengers. For practicality, each line is already available console that is useful for storing drinks.

Please also note, if the middle and rear lines are folded, it can have a luggage capacity of 1,200 liters, very relieved not Otolovers?

With this kind of interior, approximately what is the price of Land Cruiser Prado? Learn about specification details and prices in the next review.

Car engine Land Cruiser Prado

As SUV car, the Land Cruiser is sure to use a large machine with promising performance. It is certainly very useful to flex terrain heavy roads, let alone Land Cruiser Prado use 4WD drive system.

For a comprehensive Toyota engine diesel engine with a capacity of 2.8 liters Turbo. From this engine the Land Cruiser Prado was able to produce a power of 130 kW at 3400 rpm with a torque of 450 Nm at 1600-2400 rpm.

How does Otolovers, is it quite satisfied with the performance of this Land Cruiser Prado? If performance is certainly still mediocre, because there is still a cheaper car and has greater performance, such as the TrailBlazer.

However, there is no harm if Otolovers wants to buy this car Land Cruiser Prado. For the price of Land Cruiser Prado, Otolovers can find out in the next Review.

Land Cruiser Car Specifications

Toyota presents the Land Cruiser Prado with 4 variant options, namely GX, GXL, VX, and Kakadu. The Land Cruiser Prado Kakadu is the highest variant, and of course has a fairly expensive price.

For the full specification itself at a price of nearly RP2 billion, the Land Cruiser Prado is powered by a 6-speed transmission. Using a ventilated brake disc with four calipers remains the piston on the front. While the rear brakes use ventilated discs with single-float piston calipers.

The suspension uses Double-Wishbone for each variant and this is the front suspension. While the backside besides the Kakadu type uses a suspension of 4 links with Coil Springs, Kakadu variant itself uses a suspension of 4 links with water Springs.

To better know and can compare the specifications of each variant, below is already available table of Land Cruiser Prado specifications. The price of Land Cruiser Prado Otolovers can check in next Review.

Powerplant: 2.8 litre turbo Diesel (1GD-FTV), 16-valve DOHC

Performance: 130/3400Â (Power), 450/1600-2400 (torque)

Brake: Ventilated disc with four piston fixed calipers (front), Ventilated disc with single piston floating calipers (rear)

Suspension: Double-Wishbone type (front), 4 link with coil springs (rear)

Price of car Land Cruiser Prado January 2020

Toyota Land Cruiser Prado is Tergolang to a luxurious SUV with advanced features. Even this car itself is equipped with features that support for offroad activities. These features include crawl control, multi-terrain Select, multi-terrain monitor, and panoramic view monitors.

Because it has not entered the Indonesian market, of course if anyone interested in buying must first import from another country, such as Australia. Of course, when entering Indonesia Land Cruiser Prado price will be more expensive than the initial price. Here is the price of Land Cruiser Prado in Australia for all four variants.

Land Cruiser Prado Car type

Land Cruiser Prado Price

Land Cruiser Prado GX


Land Cruiser Prado GXL


Land Cruiser Prado VX


Land Cruiser Prado Kakadu


With the initial Land Cruiser Prado price around Rp900 million for Kakadu variant, when entering Indonesia this price can rise even barely to RP2 billion. Actually in Indonesia there is already a car Land Cruiser. Just that the price itself is more expensive.

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