2020 Toyota Land Cruiser Canada Review

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2020 Toyota Land Cruiser Canada Review – Successful relationships are based on honesty and trust, and the Toyota Land Cruiser has been successful as a sport-utility vehicle of shooting straight and reliable for more than 60 years. While the Land Cruiser is not the alternative to the Jeep, as the original, similar to a brick SUV remains true to its name: If there are Earth against this Toyota, can navigate on it.

2020 Toyota Land Cruiser Canada Review

As if to continue the creed of the United States Postal Service, the Land Cruiser apparently unaffected is by snow, rain or the heat or the gloom of the night thanks to a complete set of tools for four wheel drive which includes a two-speed transfer case and a central differential limited slip Torsen type which, by default, sends 60 percent of the torque of the engine to the rear and 40 percent to the front.

There is much torque to turn, since the 5.7 V-8 liter and 381 hp of the Land Cruiser produces 361 lb – ft of material to 2200 rpm; It has the engine at 3600 rpm and delivers 401 lb – ft. All that grunting benefits the Land Cruiser on the road as much as it does off the road. In our tests, 5934 lbs SUV reached 60 mph in 6.7 seconds and completed the quarter mile after 15.1 seconds at 93 mph. Both times were identical to the of a Land Cruiser we tested nearly two years ago. The SUV Toyota logo is nothing if not consistent.

Step performance is improved in a tenth of a second, with this Land Cruiser moving from 30 to 50 mph in 3.8 seconds and 50 to 70 mph in 5.0 tics. This speed has a cost, and the Land Cruiser filled fuel as voraciously as Barney Gumble knocks the Duff beer. We saw 13 miles per gallon more than 1100 miles of driving, matching the rating of the city according to the EPA, and we got an average of 17 miles per gallon in our test of fuel economy of 75 miles per hour, 1 mpg below the EPA highway estimate .

Despite their fuel economy, the Land Cruiser can travel far thanks to its tank of fuel of 24.6 gallons. That should please the prone adventurers away from civilization. Those who take the Land Cruiser out of the ordinary will also appreciate bars anti-tip, slopes down control and numerous sliding plates that protect the radiator, fuel tank, transfer case and the components of the front suspension.

Less adapted to all four wheels are standard tires Dunlop Grandtrek AT23. Although all-season rubber has no necessary to deal with the muddy trails and slopes tread, they helped this Land Cruiser to adhere to the track around our skidpad of 300 feet with a melody of 0.74 g and helped stop it from 70 mph at 183 feet. Given that the last Mercedes-Benz G550 we tested reached only 0.56 gy needed 191 feet to stop at 70 mph, the Toyota performance is impressive.

Even so, the Land Cruiser feels like a relic of the past when driving through the city. Your address light and unplugged requires that driver think in advance before you draw any change of address, your brake pedal feels as airy and fluffy like a freshly baked croissant, and his body wheel as a skiff in a tsunami. If you are looking for is an aircraft carrier in three rows, then there are a number of alternatives that are better handled and cost thousands less than the $85,610 of Land Cruiser.

However, the interior of this Toyota and its build quality are at the height of the high cost of entrance platform. Elements such as door handles and power windows switches move with a heaviness that goes far beyond the typical products of Toyota. In addition, all Land Cruiser come well equipped with features that include LED headlamps, a proximity key with button home, upholstery leather, front seats with heating and cooling, a touch screen entertainment system of 9.0 inch with navigation, automatic climate control of four zones, adaptive cruise control, Lane, automatic high beams headlights change warning and monitoring of blind spots. The only additional item of our test truck was a game of carpet floor and charge $225.

Too expensive to attract the multitude of Chevrolet Tahoe and too mundane to enlist the support of fans of Cadillac Escalade, Land Cruiser draws a crowd limited in search of a luxury SUV with true off-road capability in a simple wrapper . It is a small but loyal fan base that has helped keep this Board for more time than most SUV buyers who have been alive, and we are happy that this Toyota continue sailing.