2020 Toyota Hilux Australia Concept Review

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2020 Toyota Hilux Australia Concept Review – 2020 Toyota Hilux is just another model that should see daylight in two years. It’s been advertised as a high-end SUV, and it certainly looks like this. However, all stakeholders should wait a little longer because so far no clear clues have been given on this.

2020 Toyota Hilux Australia Concept Review

Predictions and rumors are all we’re going to work with. First of all, we must pay attention to the fact that Toyota will be very busy in 2020, so we can expect very similar vehicles to appear, but it is to be expected that Hilux is unique.


Hilux will offer the exterior of an expensive SUV, which won’t seem at all to the earlier Toyota models. So, as far as our hopes are concerned, this car will be better than ever. Although some features will remain the same, some significant changes might occur. The front will be recognizable by its new metal bull bars, which will make it look a little old school, but still modern. It will also give an impression of a reliable car in general that should attract more buyers.

The LED lights must be part of the front and back, to keep this car up to date with the latest trends. And, if the rumors are true, spoilers should be part of the outside of the Toyota Hilux 2020. The new alloy wheels will also be a good touch. To create more space for bags and stuff, the roof should have some kind of racking or storage space, but that hasn’t been defined yet. The best of the outside, at least for me, is that it will look so great. It seems that nothing can damage it or damage the chassis.2020 Toyota Hilux Australia Concept Review

To be honest, all truck cars should look like this, and they will, to be honest, but this will look even more robust and strong. We don’t have much information about the design of this car right now. But, these we have can help us predict that it should be a high end vehicle, with a simple and elegant appearance. The emphasis on the inside and the motor. So let’s talk about the inside.

2020 Toyota Hilux Australia Inside

Remember we said there wasn’t enough information available on the outside? Withholding information is not always a bad thing. But right now, we’d like to be sure of what the Toyota Hilux 2020 has inside. Some predictions are available, though. First, security was the priority for Toyota engineers, and they updated all the software to make the trip as enjoyable as possible. The cockpit must be more prominent than before and must offer more leg space for both the driver and the passengers.

Only the highest quality fabric for seats and belts should be used. With regard to devices, it is predicted that this car will have a medium-sized touch screen that can act as a multimedia screen or control table at times. The Wi-Fi port is included, along with the Bluetooth device and, of course, the USB ports. But, to be honest, you don’t expect the drivers of this model to make the gadgets their biggest argument for or against buying this truck. To summarize, the interior will be larger and more spacious, and that’s the main task for Toyota designers, as it seems now. The engine’s the next thing we’re going to talk about.

2020 Toyota Hilux Australia Engine

An engine is the prediction area on the Toyota Hilux 2020 where we think we know a lot. The most likely powertrain will be the 2.8-liter turbo diesel engine. This unit will have a pair of 334 lb-ft and an amount of 177 horsepower. Another model that could be under the hood of 2020 Hilux is the 2.4-liter turbo diesel engine. This can generate 163 horsepower with a pair of 298 lb-ft. These two are probably the ones we’ll see more when this car comes out. The least likely option is the 4-liter V6 engine that could generate 278 horsepower. All these versions are possible thanks to the 6-degree manual transmission system.

2020 Toyota Hilux Australia Release date

Toyota, as we said, plans to go big in 2020, and the release date of this car is probably the first quarter of 2020, in one of the famous automobile saloons. The period remains unclear, but it will come out soon, and it should be an explosion.

2020 Toyota Hilux Australia Price

As mentioned earlier, this car is planned to be a very updated car. So we should expect a price that goes with that feature. The cost of the Toyota Hilux 2020 basic model will be around $20.000. I can say I’m very surprised. It could be a lot more. For this type of car, I would expect at least $25.000. As for the custom models, your price could reach $32.000, which is still a bargain for such a good car.