2020 Toyota Highlander Dimensions Redesign

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2020 Toyota Highlander Dimensions Redesign – One of the most popular three-line family crossovers has been redesigned completely, and if you like the previous version, chances are you’ll love the Toyota Highlander 2020 which is gradually upgraded. It comes with generous safety equipment and entertainment features, and is available with the best fuel savings so far thanks to its unique hybridness offerings. That said, it’s smaller than almost all its competitors, so if you’re planning to often use a third row seat and/or need a lot of luggage space, it’s probably not for you.

We haven’t moved the Highlander 2020 yet, but will update this post when we do. Meanwhile, you can find everything we know so far below.

What’s new for the 2020 years?

The Toyota Highlander was all new for 2020 years, driving the same new platform that supported Toyota’s recently redesigned. This is only slightly larger than before, and is largely an evolutionary change intended to enhance refinements and sharpen the driving experience. The previous Highlander V6 engine is now standard (four weak cylinders have been dropped), while the Highlander Hybrid model is stronger, more efficient and now available with a front wheel drive. The All-advanced torque-wheel drive system of the RAV4 adventure is now an option on some of the V6 trim levels. Finally, the inner and outer styles are very different and the infotainment feature has been supported with Apple CarPlay Standard and Android Auto. A 12.3 inch jumbo touch screen is also now available.

What are the interior technologies and Highlander cars like?

The Interior of the Highlander 2020 largely maintains its predecessor function, but makes it more visually different. The quality of the ingredients has also been improved, with more simulated skin surfaces stitched, but for the other we saw only the Platinum trim with the highest current range.

The interior storage remains a priority for the Highlander. It maintains the shelf mid-dash of its predecessor, but is now split in two (one under the middle stack control, the other in front of the passenger), and there is a more slippery surface, the grippier inside to keep things safe. Below, there’s a larger area dedicated to the biggest smartphones though. That’s where all three front USB ports are located, while the ones behind are on the back side of the center console (none in the third row). The central console Bin is once again very deep and covered by a sliding cover – but now there is only one cover of the weird clamshell design of the old model, and it is more dense tender for more functioning as a armrest.

In terms of technology, each Highlander 2020 comes standard with Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, Amazon Alexa integration, Waze app controls, satellite radio, and WiFi in the car. All trim levels but the top Platinum also comes standard with an eight-inch touch screen, which is currently an optional screen size in most of the Toyota. It’s also installed quite high on the dashboard, making it easy to see (and effectively larger, like sitting closer to your TV). Platinum has a 12.3 inch display, which is the first Toyota. Like other extra wide screens, such as those in Kia Telluride, this allows the separation of information 60/40. You can simultaneously view hybrid information and the Apple CarPlay interface, for example, that eliminates the need to keep moving between screens.

How big is the Highlander?

If you’re shopping in a Toyota family, Highlander offers a much wider space than the RAV4, both in terms of cargo capacity and extra row seats. It also has a deeper space, more accessible than what’s in 4Runner.

That said, Highlander is one of the smallest three-line crossovers. Apart from the Kia Sorento and perhaps the Mazda CX-9, you will find more cargo capacity and passenger space in the Highlander competitors. That’s especially true in the third row. The second line glides a little more to give extra legroom now, but the third row remains very close to the floor, and it won’t be long before your growing children will feel cramped and congested on the way back. Teenage full-size and adults will be in a way.

That said, the smaller size of the Highlander may be appropriate for many buyers who appreciate its more manageable dimensions when parking or maneuvering in narrow places. Plus, if you only need a third line for occasional use and just a little bit more space than what the RAV4 provided, it really doesn’t matter that the Highlander can’t rival the size of a jumbo competitor.

What is Highlander performance and fuel savings?

There are two powertrains available for the Toyota Highlander 2020. The standard engine using only gas is a V6 3.5 liter which generates 295 horsepower and a torque of 263 pound-feet. It’s one of the biggest standard outputs in this segment, better only with Ford Explorer and the Chevrolet Traverse 2020. The complete EPA fuel economy estimate has not been announced, but Toyota said it estimates the approximate 22 mpg combined for the front wheel drive model.

Eight automatic speed is standard, but like the new RAV4, there are two drive systems all wheels. The bases available on L, LE and XLE are typical reactive systems that operate in the front wheel drive until slippage is detected, in this case, the power is transmitted to the rear axle. Limited and Platinum have the new Dynamic Torque Vectoring wheels. This is a predictive system that draws data from a variety of vehicle controls to determine if power is required behind. It can also send a different amount of power between the left and right rear wheels, hence the bit torque vector in its name, to help with dry road handling as well as wet-weather traction. There is also a Rear Driveline Disconnect system that releases the buffer shaft in certain roaming situations to conserve fuel. It also comes with a new standard automatic stop/start system installed for all 2020 Highlanders.

The Toyota Highlander Hybrid 2020 delivers four 2.5 liter cylinders that work together with a pair of electric motors to generate electricity and power the front wheels. The Hybrid Highlander All-wheel-drive gets the third motor in the rear axle. The Total output of the system is 240 horsepower (similar to Avalon and more than RAV4), while the Toyota estimate will reach 33-34 mpg combined. It was up from 28 mpg combined previously, and far-and-far the best fuel economy in this segment. You can save hundreds of dollars each year for gas by using hybrids, but you will obviously sacrifice a bit of power in the process.

We reviewed all of the changes for the Highlander 2020, comparing it to its predecessor dimensions, specifications, and interior design. We also provide more in-depth information about new techniques and features.

What features are available and what is the Highlander price?

We estimate the price for the Highlander 2020 will be announced closer to the sales date on December 2019, with Hybrid arriving on February 2020. In particular, it should be according to our first Test drive opportunity, likely in November.

Standard equipment on the Highlander L includes 18 inch alloy wheels, three automatic climate control zones, feature accident avoidance technology (see Safety section below), Full speed adaptive roaming control, LED light, rear privacy glass, entry Proximity and push-start button, eight-way power driver seat and 8-inch touch screen.

The addition of LE includes Power liftgate, blind-spot warning, LED foglamps, and the steering wheel wrapped in leather.

XLE additions include automatic headlights, roof rails, sunroof, heated front seats, driver power lumbar, four-way electric passenger seats, SofTex vinyl coatings, second line protectors and auto-dimmed mirrors.

Limited addition includes a 20-inch wheel, handsfree power liftgate, enhanced LED light, cargo cover, driver memory settings, ventilated front seat, leather upholstery, integrated navigation and enhanced JBL sound system.

Platinum addition includes adaptive and self-leveling headlights, automatic wiper, sunroof eye-panoramic view parking camera, head-up display, digital rearview mirror camera, perforated leather coatings, heated second line seat, heated second row seats and a 12.3-inch touch screen. .

What is Highlander safety equipment?

Each year from 2020, the Highlander has a standard with forward collision warnings with pedestrian detection and automatic emergency braking, path maintenance assistance, track tracking assistance, road identification and alert alerts, and high beams Automatic. Blind-spot and cross-traffic warning is standard on all but basic trim level.