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2020 Toyota Corolla Hybrid Battery Warranty

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2020 Toyota Corolla Hybrid Battery Warranty – We were surprised when Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) said they will introduce the Corolla Altis with a hybrid option. It certainly expands the appeal of gas-electric power, especially considering that it is linked to a well-known name.

2020 Toyota Corolla Hybrid Battery Warranty

For some though, the prospect of buying a hybrid vehicle sounds pretty daunting. With a variety of technologies and electric bits, it is enough to scare off potential buyers. But don’t worry, as Toyota is reassuring their customers that there is nothing to worry about.

For peace of mind for those interested in buying the Corolla Altis hybrid, the carmaker offers a whopping 200,000 kilometers (or 5-year, whichever comes first) guaranteeing the battery packs. That’s according to Jeff Matsuo, Vice President of Technical, Toyota Motor Philippines. He also adds that the battery will last the entire life of the vehicle, which will depend on how the vehicle is cared for, that is.

However, that said, the Corolla Altis hybrid doesn’t have to be run or maintained differently. The manufacturer says ownership will be a seamless shift from gas-powered models. This means that you can run your Altis hybrid at a service and not be met by additional maintenance procedures.

However, there is only one difference between servicing the standard 1.6 G Altis and this 1.8 HEV: it would be the air filter for the battery packs to keep the latter cool in operation. This part will be replaced during the regular periodic maintenance schedule of the vehicle.

With those in mind, would you consider a hybrid for your next purchase?