2020 Toyota Camry TRD Specs Review

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2020 Toyota Camry TRD Specs Review – Before the Camry of the current generation appeared last year, any version in which Toyota had tried to install red seatbelts and pass as “track-tuned ” would have made us fall out of our chairs laughing. Now that the Toyota medium sedan is again decent to drive (and not a wall flower) for the first time in decades, those ridiculous seatbelts and that aggressive affirmation do not automatically induce saliva shots on our part. Consider our spit, and the beige, sharp jokes, due to the makeover that Toyota is giving to the Camry TRD 2020.

2020 Toyota Camry TRD Specs Review

This is the first factory in which Camry got involved with Toyota racing Development (TRD), the internal performance arm of the brand responsible for its racing engines, the NASCAR program, all-terrain feats and more. It is also the first extension in the last years of the TRD brand, beyond the equipment levels geared off the road of the 4Runner SUV and the Tacoma and Tundra pickups, only with a decidedly focused approach to the road that hopes to bring the Camry more to Llá of its current sports zenith, the level of XSE finish. (TRD has also worked his magic on the Avalon, which receives the same upgrades as this Camry).

Starting with the XSE model as the baseline, the Camry TRD uses the same optional 301 hp 3.5-liter V-6 engine and backs it with a more free flow-through exhaust from the catalytic converter. More power would be appreciated, although the latest Camry XSE V-6 We tested reached 60 mph at a satisfactory level, albeit a little slower than the Honda four-cylinder Accord, 5.8 seconds. TRD maintains the Camry’s eight-speed automatic transmission and steering wheel-mounted shift paddles for manual control. Braking improvements include new 12.9 inch front brake rotors (up to 0.9 inches of XSE parts) with gauges two-piston (instead of single-piston units) and braking feeling that has been readjusted for a greater direction to Through the brake pedal.2020 Toyota Camry TRD Specs Review

The Camry’s body is also stiffer, thanks to the reinforcements under the car. Fully-revised suspension bolts to that stiffer structure and include stiffer springs that reduce the 0.6-inch gait height, plus new front and rear stabilizer bars that increase the rigidity of the Camry roller (its Resistance to corner bending) by 44 percent and 67 percent. TRD-specific shock absorbers complete the package, as are the 19-inch matte black rims that are half-inch wider than the XSE and 3.1 pounds lighter each. The Bridgestone Potenza summer tyres are standard.

If I had guessed that the Camry TRD would be based on the most aggressive style package used by the Camry SE and the XSE, in opposition to the less conspicuous aspect applied to LE and the XLE Camrys oriented to luxury, we did not give him points, because that obvious. However, if I had imagined that TRD would slap a pretty big spoiler in the trunk of the Camry, well, yourself a cookie; That’s a curved ball. Similarly, the sophisticated black shiny body kit (accented with a fine red trim) extends from the Camry TRD’s bumpers and oscillating panels. The aero package, as Toyota calls it, was designed at the automotive manufacturer’s Calty design Center here in the United States and, frankly, it is high enough to work with the surface of the Camry’s expressive body. Like the Camry XSE, the TRD can be obtained with a two-tone color scheme that makes the roof shiny black for greater visual interest.

Fortunately, the interior design of the TRD is more measured. The environment, mostly black, is dotted with red flashes, including carpet piping, indicator and touch-screen lighting, and sewing. And as mentioned above, yes, seatbelts are red. Spicy.

There is little doubt that the modifications of the Camry TRD will be based on the athletic character of today’s six-cylinder Camry XSE. Find out how long you’ll have to wait until we get behind the wheel, but it’s no joke, you can bet we’re intrigued by Toyota’s claims that the Camry TRD is “track tuned ” and will have “greater agility, accuracy and body control. ” Who You know, maybe it’ll emulate some of the magic of the new sports car Supra, at least in spirit.