2020 Toyota Camry All Wheel Drive Review

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2020 Toyota Camry All Wheel Drive Review – The brand TRD, also known as Toyota Racing Development, was reserved for some models of the Toyota range but, now, Toyota seems anxious to bring packages with infusion of TRD to all the models it offers. That definitely diluted the feeling of exclusivity that was embroidered in the models TRD. On A more positive note, Toyota also plans to carry AWD in all areas.

2020 Toyota Camry All Wheel Drive Review

Toyota officially introduced the new models Camry TRD and Avalon TRD at the L.A. Auto Show we Knew they were going to come since Toyota bothered us with some previews a couple of weeks ago, but that doesn’t mean we didn’t feel that the two Toyota sedans were the Natural basis for TRD to apply its magic. However, with what we know now, it seems less bizarre than, say, a RAV-4 with TRD.

Toyota plans to expand the spectrum of models that will receive TRD enhancements including suspension upgrades, chassis upgrades, brake upgrades, and a more robust body kit.

“I love the brand TRD, I love what makes Toyota Racing Development, and I like to learn from our motorsport teams and put it in our cars “, “And If we can take it to all cars, SUV’s and trucks, I think we should.”

So, what Toyota will be next to get the TRD makeover? We’re Not sure, but the Corolla seems to be a winning bet. Remember, in 2015, Toyota brought a 4-door Corolla sedan Edition TRD to the SEMA Show that seemed to be very close to production. However, Hollis said that a TRD of Corolla “is not yet in the plans “, although he left the door open to rumors by adding that “There is intent and development” underway at this time.

There Are A number of possible candidates for AWD. One would be the Corolla, as there are not many hatchbacks that offer AWD. Then There is the Camry that could see the addition of AWD as an option for Toyota to be able to keep up with Nissan and its Altima AWD. The Prius already has this system that has an electric motor on the back. In The end, as Hollis emphasizes, “We’re taking each model and we’re offering more options for the consumer.”

The Japanese brand revealed the Camry and Avalon TRD, the Corolla Hybrid 2020 and the Prius with total traction. Toyota’s AWD-e system is quite unique because it has no physical connection to the rear wheels. Instead, an electric motor mounted on the back provides power to the rear wheels, creating a traction on all wheels.

The AWD-E system made its debut in the United States at the Lexus UX250h, where it produces a total production of 176 horsepower. Now, the potential application of the system in other Toyota vehicles is being considered. According To autoguide, Jack Hollis, general manager of Toyota Motor North America, did not reject the idea that this system would be used in the Corolla.

“No doubt he’s [being considerate] ” said Hollis. “You’Ve heard of Akio Toyota, our CEO, who said his wish was to offer each of our cars a hybrid option. Because it can be of different technologies. but the AWD systems that are interchangeable and/or the growth in AWD is something we know the U.S. consumer He asked, it would be foolish not to. comply with that. “

The chief engineer of Corolla Yoshiki-San also confirmed that the AWD-e system could easily be added to the Corolla. In fact, we already know that Toyota offers a different hybrid version of the Corolla hybrid in the Japanese market.