2019 Toyota Land Cruiser Prado Philippines

2019 Toyota Land Cruiser Prado Philippines

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2019 Toyota Land Cruiser Prado Philippines –┬áProduced for the first time in 1990, the Land cruiser Prado is now in its fourth generation. As a small brother of the Land cruiser 200, the Prado still has all the features for which the LC200 is known, but in a more affordable and compact package.

2019 Toyota Land Cruiser Prado Philippines

It has the same lines of body as the LC200, but the meadow has it more defined. The front end may not be so intimidating, but the huge grill and elegant headlights give it a more youthful look.

Inside the Land cruiser Prado there is a luxurious cabin with details in wood, a steering wheel with multifunction control and leather seats for seven people. A 6-speaker entertainment system with Bluetooth connectivity is at the helm that passengers can enjoy along with double automatic climate control.

The Roar under the hood of the meadow is a choice between petrol and diesel engines. The gasoline engine of 4.0 liters and 275 horsepower has 381 Newton-meter of torque, connected to an automatic transmission of 6 speeds with sequential change. The diesel variant, on the other hand, operates with a 3.0-liter 163 horsepower mill with 410 Newton-meter torque, which is connected to a manual 6-speed or automatic 5-speed gearbox.

When it comes to the Toyota hierarchy of the SUV, you could say that the Land cruiser Prado is located right in the center of the package. In our market, for example, it is located between the high-end Land cruiser 200 series and the most affordable fortuner. Being “Just “, of course, doesn’t mean you can’t use a little more spunk.

It seems that this is what the Japanese car manufacturer is thinking, as it recently announced an update for the midsize SUV. According to a report by CarAdvice, the current Prado mill, a turbodiesel of four cylinders and 3.0 liters, will be replaced by a four-liter turbo burner smaller than 2.8 liters. If this sounds like a step down, let us explain.

You see, the current engine develops 163hp and 410Nm. That’s enough to give the SUV the right thrust in most situations. The good news is that the smaller 2.8 liters, which will share with the next generation of Hilux, is scheduled to deliver 177 hp. But if you are familiar with diesel engines, you will know that the important figure is torque. In this case, the new engine will produce 420 nm for the manual and 450 nm for the automatic version.

Speaking of gearboxes, reports also say that the new Prado could get a new six-speed automatic transmission, plus a six-speed toggle shift. This replaces the current five-speed automatic gearbox. An improvement of this type will also result in an improvement in fuel economy, which currently averages a claimed mileage of approximately 12 km/L when combined with the five-speed leak box.

While no other details have been revealed, the updated meadow may include regular equipment upgrades, as well as interior and exterior settings.

The improved Land cruiser Prado will be released in June this year. As for our market, Toyota Motor Philippines has not revealed when it will incorporate the new engine update and transmission for the Prado. This could also be a sign of what will come for the next second-generation Fortuner.