2019 New Toyota Avanza Review

2019 New Toyota Avanza Review

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2019 New Toyota Avanza Review – Again, a low fever of the MPV. Especially since Mitsubishi Xpander appeared on Earth. Competitors are eager to immediately, not to mention the King of the MPV Avanza Toyota Avanza.

Although it has always been King since the beginning of his birth in 2004, of course, the Toyota Avanza can no longer be arrogant and careless. The pillar of the MPV Toyota bass, of course, must continue improving and providing new innovations.

One of them, or at least, is the question of how looks, that is now considered less attractive than its competitors. From Honda Mobilio to the phenomenal Mitsubishi Xpander. Toyota Avanza 2019 should immediately go to the salon.

The figure of the 2019 New Toyota Avanza Review to fight the handsome Xpander.

Now, as an illustration and perhaps inspiration, you can take a look at this. In fact, this single is limited to digital processing by Adrian Ahmad Rahmadhani, published in Instagram account @Adriaansr_ in the form of a new Toyota Avanza.

2019 New Toyota Avanza Review Rendering of Toyota advancing 2019 (Instagram – Adriaansr__
“All New advances 2019, The Real Next Mpv inspired by the Dn-Multisix concept. “No I am ashamed to embarrass me when I compete with competidores”, wrote Adrian as his legend.

Post liked 1.703 I like and there are 140 comments. Everything varies of course, commenting the last aspect of the Avanza Toyota 2019.

Work if it looks really great. At first glance, he was inspired by the Toyota Kijang Innova, especially in lights of cleft and also in the rear slots that became more muscular.

The section of the grill still looks normal, although there is a plus in the fins on both sides of the left bumper, which makes the 2019 New Toyota Avanza Review will see much more aggressive and attractive and, of course, even without excessive chrome still seems expensive.

At the bottom of the body there are additional bodies and side skirts, to make it look more sporty. The feeling of luxury is maintained with a list of chrome on the side window and a design of edge of cross in two colors.

Well, if you look like this 2019 New Toyota Avanza Review, do you think? Agreement or still isn’t great?